Isaiah 26
Coverdale Bible of 1535 Par ▾ 

A Song of Salvation

1Then shal this songe be sunge in the londe of Iuda: We haue a stroge citie, the walles & the ordinauce shal kepe vs.

2Ope ye gates, yt the good people maye go in, which laboureth for the treuth.

3And thou, which art the doer and hast the matter in honde: shalt prouyde for peace, eue the peace yt me hope for in the.

4Hope stil in the LORDE, for in the LORDE God is euerlastinge stregth.

5For why, it is he, yt bringeth lowe the hie mynded citesyns, & casteth downe the proude cities. He casteth the to the groude, yee eue in to ye myre, yt they maye be trode

6vnder the fete of the symple, & with the steppes of the poore.

7Thou (LORDE) cosidrest the path of ye rigtuous, whether it be right, whether the waye of ye rightuous be right.

8Therfore (LORDE) we haue a respecte vnto the waye of thy iudgmentes, thy name and thy remebraunce reioyse the soule.

9My soule lusteth after the all the night loge, & my mynde haisteth frely to the. For as soone as thy iudgment is knowne to the worlde, the the inhabitours of the earth lerne rightuousnesse.

10But the vngodly (though he haue recaued grace) yet lerneth he not rightuousnesse, but in that place where he is punished, he offendeth, & feareth not the glory of the LORDE.

11LORDE, they wil not se thine hie honde, but they shal se it, and be confounded: whe thou shalt deuoure them with the wrath of the people, and with the fyre of thine enemies.

12But vnto vs (LORDE) prouyde for peace: for thou workest in vs all or workes.

13O LORDE oure God, though soch lordes haue dominacion vpon vs as knowe not the: yet graute, that we maye only hope in the, and kepe thy name in remembraunce.

14The malicious Tyrauntes whe they die, are nether in life nor in the resurrectio, for thou visitest the and rootest the out, and destroyest all the memoryall of them.

15Agayne, thou increacest the people (o LORDE), thou increacest the people, thou shalt be praysed and magnified in all ye endes of the worlde.

16The people that seke vnto the in trouble, that same aduersite which they complane of, is vnto the a chastenynge before the.

17Like as a wife wt childe (whe hir trauayle cometh vpo her) is ashamed, crieth and suffreth the payne: Eue so are we (o LORDE) in thy sight.

18We are with childe, we trauayle, & beare, & with the sprete we bringe forth health, wherethorow the earth is vndestroyed, and the inhabitours of the worlde perish not.

19But as for thy dead men and ours, that be departed, they are in life and resurrection. They lie in the earth, they wake, & haue ioye: for yi dew is a dew of life & light. But ye place of the malicious Tyrauntes is falle awaye.

20So go now my people in to thy chabre, and shut the doore to the, and suffre now ye twicklinge of an eye, till the wrath be ouerpast

21For beholde, the LORDE wil go out of his habitacion, & vyset the wickednes of the that dwell vpon earth. He wil discouer the bloude that she hath deuoured, she shal neuer hyde the, that she hath murthured.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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