Job 37
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Elihu Proclaims God’s Majesty

1At this my hert is astonnied, and moued out of his place.

2Heare then the sounde of his voyce, and the noyse yt goeth out of his mouth.

3He gouerneth euery thinge vnder the heauen, and his light reacheth vnto the ende of the worlde.

4A roaringe voyce foloweth him: for his glorious magesty geueth soch a thondre clappe, that (though a man heare it) yet maye he not perceaue it afterwarde. It geueth an horrible sownde,

5when God sendeth out his voyce: greate thinges doth he, which we can not coprehende.

6When he commaundeth the snowe, it falleth vpon the earth: As soone as he geueth the rayne a charge, Immediatly the showers haue their strength and fall downe

7He sendeth feare vpon euery man, that they might knowe their owne workes.

8The beestes crepe in to their dennes, & take their rest.

9Out of the south commeth the tempest, and colde out of the north.

10At the breth of God, the frost commeth, & the waters are shed abrode.

11The cloudes do their laboure in geuynge moystnesse, the cloudes poure downe their rayne.

12He distributeth also on euery syde, acordinge as it pleaseth him to deale out his workes, that they maye do, what so euer he commaundeth the thorow the whole worlde:

13whether it be to punysh eny londe, or to do good vnto them, that seke him.

14Herken vnto this (o Iob) stonde still, and considre the wonderous workes of God.

15Art thou of coucel with God, when he doth these thinges? When he causeth the light to come forth of his cloudes?

16Art thou of his coucell, when he spredeth out the cloudes? Hast thou the perfecte knowlege of his wonders?

17and how thy clothes are warme, whe the lode is still thorow the south wynde?

18hast thou helped him to spred out the heauen, which is to loke vpo, as it were cast of cleare metall?

19Teach vs what we shal saye vnto hi, for we are vnmete because of darcknes.

20Shal it be tolde him, what I saye? Shulde a man speake, or shulde he kepe it backe?

21For euery ma seith not the light, yt he kepeth cleare in the cloudes, which he clenseth whan he maketh the wynde to blowe.

22Golde is brought out of the north, but the prayse and honoure off Gods feare commeth fro God himself.

23It is not we that can fynde out the allmightie: for in power, equite and rigtuousnesse he is hyer then can be expressed.

24Seinge then that euery body feareth him, why shulde not all wyse men also stode in feare of hi?

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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