Proverbs 15
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A Gentle Answer Turns Away Wrath

1A softe aswere putteth downe displeasure, but frowarde wordes prouoke vnto anger.

2A wyse tonge commendeth knowlege, a foolish mouth blabbeth out nothinge but foolishnesse.

3The eyes of the LORDE loke in euery place, both vpon ye good and badd.

4A wholsome tonge is a tre of life, but he that abuseth it, hath a broken mynde.

5A foole despyseth his fathers correccion, but he yt taketh hede whan he is reproued, shal haue ye more vnderstodinge.

6In the house of the rightuous are greate riches, but in the increase of the vngodly there is mysordre.

7A wyse mouth poureth out knowlege, but ye herte of the foolish doth not so.

8The LORDE abhorreth ye sacrifice of the vngodly, but the prayer of the rightuous is acceptable vnto him.

9The waye of the vngodly is an abhominacio vnto ye LORDE, but who so foloweth righteousnes, him he loueth.

10He that forsaketh ye right strete, shalbe sore punyshed: & who so hateth correccion, falleth in to death.

11The hell wt hir payne is knowne vnto the LORDE, how moch more then the hertes of men?

12A scornefull body loueth not one yt rebuketh him, nether wil he come amonge ye wyse.

13A mery herte maketh a chearfull countenaunce, but an vnquyet mynde maketh it heuy.

14A wyse herte wil seke after knowlege, but ye mouth of fooles medleth with foolishnesse.

15All the dayes of the poore are miserable, but a quyete herte is as a cotynuall feast.

16Better is a litle with the feare of the LORDE then greate treasure, for they are not without sorowe.

17Better is a meace of potage with loue, then a fat oxe wt euell will.

18An angrie man stereth vp strife, but he yt is pacient stilleth discorde.

19The waye of ye slouthfull is full of thornes, but ye strete of the rightuous is well clensed.

20A wyse sonne maketh a glad father, but an vndiscrete body shameth his mother.

21A foole reioyseth in foolish thinges, but a wyse man loketh well to his owne goinges.

22Vnaduysed thoughtes shal come to naught, but where as are men yt can geue councell, there is stedfastnesse.

23O how ioyfull a thinge is it, a man to geue a conuenient answere? O how pleasaunt is a worde spoken in due season?

24The waye of life ledeth vnto heaue, yt a man shulde bewarre of hell beneth.

25The LORDE wyl breake downe ye house of ye proude, but he shal make fast ye borders of ye wyddowe.

26The LORDE abhoreth ye ymaginacions of ye wicked, but pure wordes are pleasaunt vnto him.

27The couetous man wrutteth vp his owne house, but who so hateth rewardes, shal lyue.

28A rightuous ma museth in his mynde how to do good, but ye mynde of the vngodly ymagineth, how he maye do harme.

29The LORDE is farre from the vngodly, but he heareth ye prayer of the rightuous.

30Like as ye clearnesse of ye eyes reioyseth ye herte, so doth a good name fede ye bones.

31The eare yt harkeneth vnto wholsome warnynge, and enclyneth therto, shall dwell amonge ye wyse.

32He that refuseth to be refourmed, despyseth his owne soule: but he that submytteth himself to correccion, is wyse.

33The feare of ye LORDE is ye right scyece of wysdome, and lowlynes goeth before honor.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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