Psalm 101
Coverdale Bible of 1535 Par ▾ 

I Will Set No Worthless Thing before My Eyes

1My songe shalbe of mercy and iudgment, yee vnto the (o LORDE) wil I synge.

2O let me haue vnderstondinge in the waye of godlynesse, vntill the tyme that thou come vnto me: & so shal I walke in my house wt an innocent herte.

3I wil take no wicked thinge in honde, I hate the synne of vnfaithfulnesse, it shal not cleue vnto me.

4A frowarde herte shal departe fro me, I wil not knowe a wicked personne.

5Who so preuely slaundreth his neghboure, him wil I destroye: Who so hath a proude loke & an hye stomacke, I maye not awaye with him.

6Myne eyes shal loke for soch as be faithfull in the londe, yt they maye dwell with me: and who so ledeth a godly life, shalbe my seruaunt.

7There shall no disceatfull personne dwell in my house, he that telleth lyes shal not tary in my sight.

8I shal soone destroye all the vngodly of the londe, that all wicked doers maye be roted out of the cite of the LORDE.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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Psalm 100
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