Psalm 103
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Bless the LORD, O My Soul

1Prayse the LORDE (o my soule) & all that is within me prayse his holy name.

2Prayse the LORDE o my soule, & forget not all his benefites.

3Which forgeueth all thy synnes, and healeth all thy infirmities.

4Which saueth thy life from destruccion, and crowneth the with mercy & louynge kyndnesse.

5Which satisfieth thy desyre with good thinges, makynge the yonge and lusty as an Aegle.

6The LORDE executeth rightuousnesse and iudgment, for all them yt suffre wronge.

7He shewed his wayes vnto Moses, and his workes vnto the children of Israel.

8The LORDE is full of compassion and mercy, longe sufferinge, and of greate goodnesse.

9He wil not allwaye be chydinge, nether wil he kepe his anger for euer.

10He hath not dealt with vs after oure synnes, ner rewarded vs acordinge to oure wickednesses.

11For loke how hye the heaue is in comparison of the earth, so greate is his mercy also towarde them that feare him.

12Loke how wyde the east is from the west, so farre hath he set oure synnes from vs.

13Yee like as a father pitieth his owne children, euen so is the LORDE mercifull vnto the that feare him.

14For he knoweth wherof we be made, he remembreth that we are but dust.

15That a man in his tyme is but as is grasse, & florisheth as a floure of the felde.

16For as soone as the wynde goeth ouer it, it gone, and the place therof knoweth it nomore.

17But the mercifull goodnesse of ye LORDE endureth for euer and euer, vpon them yt feare him, and his rightuousnesse vpon their childers children.

18Soch as kepe his couenaunt, and thinke vpon his commaundementes to do them.

19The LORDE hath prepared his seate in heaue, and his kyngdome ruleth ouer all.

20O prayse the LORDE ye angels of his, ye that be mightie instregth, fulfillinge his commaundement, that me maye heare the voyce of his wordes.

21O prayse the LORDE all ye his hoostes, ye seruauntes of his, that do his pleasure.

22O speake good of the LORDE all ye workes of his, in euery place of his dominion: prayse thou the LORDE, o my soule.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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