Psalm 40
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I Waited Patiently for the LORD
(Psalm 70:1–5; Hebrews 10:1–18)

1I wayted paciently for the LORDE, which enclyned himself vnto me, and herde my callinge.

2He brought me out of the horrible pitte, out of the myre and claye: he set my fete vpo the rocke, and ordred my goinges.

3He hath put a new songe in my mouth, euen a thankesgeuynge vnto oure God. Many men seynge this, shal feare the LORDE, & put their trust in him.

4Blessed is the man that setteth his hope in the LORDE, and turneth not vnto the proude, & to soch as go aboute with lies.

5O LORDE my God, greate are yi wonderous workes which thou hast done: & in thy thoughtes towarde vs there maye none be lickened vnto the.

6I wolde declare them, and speake of the: but they are so many, that they can not be tolde.

7Sacrifice and offeringe thou woldest not haue but a body hast thou ordeined me: burntofferynges and sacrifice for synne thou hast not alowed. Then sayde I: Lo, I come.

8In the begynnynge of the boke it is written of me, that I shulde fulfill thy wil O my God, & that am I contet to do: yee thy lawe is within my hert.

9I wil preach of yi rightuousnesse in the greate congregacion: Lo, I wil not refrayne my lippes, o LORDE, & that thou knowest.

10I do not hyde yi rightuousnes in my hert, my talkynge is of thy treuth and sauynge health: I kepe not thy louynge mercy and faithfulnesse backe from the greate congregacion.

11Turne not thou thy mercy fro me o LORDE, but let thy louynge kyndnesse and treuth allwaye preserue me.

12For innumerable troubles are come aboute me: my synnes haue taken soch holde vpon me, that I am not able to loke vp: yee they are mo in nombre then the hayres of my heade, and my hert hath fayled me.

13O LORDE, let it be thy pleasure to deliuer me, make haist (o LORDE) to helpe me. Let them be ashamed and cofounded, that seke after my soule, to destroie it: let them fall backwarde and be put to confucion, that wysh me euell.

14Let the soone be brought to shame, that crie ouer me: there there.

15But let all those that seke the, be ioyfull and glad in the: and let all soch as delyte in thy sauynge health, saye allwaye: the LORDE be praysed.

16As for me, I am poore & in mysery, but the LORDE careth for me.

17Thou art my helper & redemer, make no longe tariege, o my God.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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