Psalm 99
Coverdale Bible of 1535 Par ▾ 

The LORD Reigns!
(Psalm 93:1–5)

1The LORDE is kynge, be the people neuer so vnpacient: he sytteth vpon the Cherubins, be the earth neuer so vnquiete.

2The LORDE is greate in Sion, & hye aboue all people.

3O let men geue thakes vnto thy greate & wonderful name, for it is holy.

4The kynges power loueth iudgment, thou preparest equite, thou executest iudgmet & rightuousnes in Iacob.

5O magnifie the LORDE or God, fall downe before his fote stole, for he his holy.

6Moses & Aaron amonge his prestes, & Samuel amonge soch as call vpo his name: these called vpon the LORDE, & he herde the.

7He spake vnto the out of the cloudy piler, for they kepte his testimonies, & the lawe that he gaue them.

8Thou herdest the (o LORDE or God) thou forgauest the o God, & punyshedst their owne invencions.

9O magnifie the LORDE oure God, and worshipe him vpo his holy hill, for the LORDE oure God is holy.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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