Zechariah 5
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The Vision of the Flying Scroll

1So I turned me liftynge vp myne eyes, & loked, & beholde, a flyenge boke. 2And he sayde vnto me: what seist thou? I answered: I se a flyenge boke of xx. cubites longe & x. cubites brode. 3Then sayde he vnto me: This is the curse, yt goeth forth ouer the whole earth: For all theues shalbe iudged after this boke, & all swearers shalbe iudged acordinge to the same. 4I wil bringe it forth (saieth the LORDE of hoostes) so yt it shal come to the house of the thefe, & to the house of him, that falsely sweareth by my name: & shal remayne in his house, & cosume it, with the tymbre & stones therof.

The Vision of the Woman in a Basket

5The the angel that talked with me, wente forth, & sayde vnto me: lift vp thine eyes & se, what this is yt goeth forth. 6And I sayde: what is it? He answered: this is a measure goinge out. He sayde morouer: Euen thus are they (yt dwell vpon the whole earth) to loke vpon. 7And beholde, there was lift vp a talent of leade: & lo, a woman sat in the myddest of the measure. 8And he sayde: This is vngodlynesse. So he cast her in to the myddest of the measure, & threwe ye lompe of leade vp in to an hole. 9Then lift I vp myne eyes, & loked: & beholde, there came out ij. women, & the wynde was in their wynges (for they had wynges like the wynges of a Storke) & they lift vp the measure betwixte the earth & the heauen. 10Then spake I to the angel, yt talked wt me: whyther wil these beare the measure? 11And he sayde vnto me: in to the londe of Synear, to buylde them an house: which when it is prepared, the measure shall be set there in his place.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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