Job 14
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Job Laments the Finality of Death

1Man, born of woman, living for a short time, is filled with many miseries.

2He comes forth like a flower, and is crushed, and he flees, as if a shadow, and never remains in the same state.

3And do you consider it fitting to look down with your eyes on someone in this way and to lead him into judgment with you?

4Who can make him clean who is conceived of unclean seed? Are you not the only one who can?

5The days of man are short, and the number of his months is with you; you have determined his limits, which cannot be surpassed.

6Withdraw a little from him, so that he may rest, until his awaited day arrives, like that of the hired hand.

7A tree has hope: if it has been cut, it turns green again, and its branches spring forth.

8If its roots grow old in the earth, and its trunk passes into dust,

9at the scent of water, it will sprout and bring forth leaves, as when it had first been planted.

10Truly, when a man dies, and has been left unprotected, and has decayed, I ask you where is he?

11It is as if the waters had receded from the sea and an emptied river had dried up;

12just so, when a man is fallen asleep, he will not rise again, until the heavens are worn away; he will not awaken, nor rise from his sleep.

13Who will grant this to me, that you will protect me in the underworld, and hide me until your fury passes by, and establish a time for me, in which you will remember me?

14Do you suppose that a dead man will live again? On each of the days in which I now battle, I wait until my transformation occurs.

15You will call me and I will answer you; to the work of your hands, you will extend your right hand.

16Indeed, you have numbered my steps, but you have been lenient with my sins.

17You have sealed up my offenses, as if in a purse, but you have cured my iniquity.

18A falling mountain flows away, and a stone is transferred from its place.

19Waters wear away stones, and with a flood the land is reduced little by little; and similarly, you will destroy man.

20You have strengthened him for a little while, so that he may cross over into eternity. You will change his face and send him forth.

21Whether his sons have been noble or ignoble, he will not understand.

22And in this way his body, while he yet lives, will have grief, and his soul will mourn over himself.

Catholic Public Domain Version

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