Proverbs 15
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A Gentle Answer Turns Away Wrath

1A mild response shatters anger. But a harsh word stirs up fury.

2The tongue of the wise adorns knowledge. But the mouth of the senseless gushes with foolishness.

3In every place, the eyes of the Lord consider good and evil.

4A peaceful tongue is a tree of life. But that which is immoderate will crush the spirit.

5A fool laughs at the discipline of his father. But whoever preserves rebukes will become astute. In abundant justice, there is very great virtue. But the intentions of the impious will be eradicated.

6The house of the just has very great strength. And in the fruits of the impious, there is disorder.

7The lips of the wise shall disseminate knowledge. The heart of the foolish will be dissimilar.

8The sacrifices of the impious are abominable to the Lord. The vows of the just are appeasing.

9The way of the impious is an abomination to the Lord. Whoever pursues justice is loved by him.

10Doctrine is evil to those who abandon the way of life. Whoever hates correction shall die.

11Hell and perdition are in the sight of the Lord. How much more the hearts of the sons of men!

12He who corrupts himself does not love the one who afflicts him, nor will he step toward the wise.

13A rejoicing heart gladdens the face. But by the grief of the soul, the spirit is cast down.

14The heart of the wise seeks doctrine. And the mouth of the foolish feeds on ignorance.

15All the days of the poor are evil. A secure mind is like a continual feast.

16Better is a little with the fear of the Lord, than great treasures and dissatisfaction.

17It is better to be called to vegetables with charity, than to a fatted calf with hatred.

18A short-tempered man provokes conflicts. Whoever is patient tempers those who are stirred up.

19The way of the slothful is like a hedge of thorns. The way of the just is without offense.

20A wise son gladdens the father. But the foolish man despises his mother.

21Folly is gladness to the foolish. And the prudent man sets his own steps in order.

22Intentions dissipate where there is no counsel. Yet truly, they are confirmed where there are many counselors.

23A man rejoices in the verdict of his own mouth. And a word at the right time is best.

24The path of life is for the wise above, so that he may turn away from the end of Hell.

25The Lord will demolish the house of the arrogant. And He will make firm the borders of the widow.

26Evil intentions are an abomination to the Lord. And pure conversation, most beautiful, shall be confirmed by him.

27Whoever pursues avarice disturbs his own house. But whoever hates bribes shall live. Through mercy and faith, sins are purged. But through the fear of the Lord, each one turns aside from evil.

28The mind of the just meditates on obedience. The mouth of the impious overflows with evils.

29The Lord is distant from the impious. And he will heed the prayers of the just.

30The light of the eyes rejoices the soul. A good reputation fattens the bones.

31The ear that listens to the reproofs of life shall abide in the midst of the wise.

32Whoever rejects discipline despises his own soul. But whoever agrees to correction is a possessor of the heart.

33The fear of the Lord is the discipline of wisdom. And humility precedes glory.

Catholic Public Domain Version

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