Psalm 114
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A Psalm of Exodus

1Alleluia. At the departure of Israel from Egypt, the house of Jacob from a barbarous people:

2Judea was made his sanctuary; Israel was made his power.

3The sea looked, and it fled. The Jordan was turned back again.

4The mountains exulted like rams, and the hills like lambs among the sheep.

5What happened to you, O sea, so that you fled, and to you, O Jordan, so that you were turned back again?

6What happened to you, O mountains, so that you exulted like rams, and to you, O hills, so that you exulted like lambs among the sheep?

7Before the face of the Lord, the earth was moved, before the face of the God of Jacob.

8He converted the rock into pools of water, and the cliff into fountains of waters.

Catholic Public Domain Version

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