Job 6:7
My soul refuses to touch them; they are loathsome food to me.
Cross References
Job 3:24
I sigh when food is put before me, and my groans pour out like water.

Job 6:6
Is tasteless food eaten without salt, or is there flavor in the white of an egg?

Job 6:8
If only my request were granted and God would fulfill my hope:

Job 33:20
so that he detests his bread, and his soul loathes his favorite food.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

as my sorrowful meat.

1 Kings 17:12
But she replied, "As surely as the LORD your God lives, I have no bread--only a handful of flour in a jar and a little oil in a jug. Look, I am gathering a couple of sticks to go in and prepare for myself and my son, so that we may eat it and die."

1 Kings 22:27
and tell them that this is what the king says: 'Put this man in prison and feed him only bread and water until I return safely.'"

Psalm 102:9
For I have eaten ashes like bread and mixed my drink with tears,

Ezekiel 4:14, 16
"Ah, Lord GOD, " I said, "I have never defiled myself. From my youth until now I have not eaten anything found dead or mauled by wild beasts. No unclean meat has ever entered my mouth." . . .

Ezekiel 12:18, 19
"Son of man, eat your bread with trembling, and drink your water with quivering and anxiety. . . .

Daniel 10:3
I ate no rich food, no meat or wine entered my mouth, and I did not anoint myself with oil until the three weeks were completed.

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