Job 36:8
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English Standard Version
And if they are bound in chains and caught in the cords of affliction,

King James Bible
And if they be bound in fetters, and be holden in cords of affliction;

American Standard Version
And if they be bound in fetters, And be taken in the cords of afflictions;

Douay-Rheims Bible
And if they shall be in chains, and be bound with the cords of poverty :

English Revised Version
And if they be bound in fetters, and be taken in the cords of affliction;

Webster's Bible Translation
And if they are bound in fetters, and are held in cords of affliction;

Job 36:8 Parallel
Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament

1 Then Elihu continued and said:

2 Suffer me a little, and I will inform thee,

For there is something still to be said for Eloah.

3 I will fetch my knowledge from afar,

And to my Creator will I ascribe right.

4 For truly my words are not lies,

One perfect in knowledge stands before thee.

Elihu's preceding three speeches were introduced by ויּען; this fourth, in honour of the number three, is introduced only as a continuation of the others. Job is to wait yet a little while, for he still has ( equals עוד לּי), or: there still are, words in favour of Eloah; i.e., what may be said in vindication of God against Job's complaints and accusations is not yet exhausted. This appears to be the only instance of the Aramaic כּתּר being taken up as Hebr.; whereas הוּה, nunciare (Arab. wḥâ, I, IV), is a poetic Aramaism occurring even in Psalm 19:3 (comp. on the construction Job 32:6); and זעיר (a diminutive form, after the manner of the Arab. zu‛air) belongs in Isaiah 28:10, Isaiah 28:13 to the popular language (of Jerusalem), but is here used poetically. The verb נשׂא, Job 36:3, is not to be understood according to נשׂא משׁל, but according to 1 Kings 10:11; and למרחוק signifies, as also Job 39:29; Isaiah 37:26, e longinquo, viz., out of the wide realm of history and nature. The expression נתן צדק follows the analogy of (עז) נתן כבוד. דּעה, Job 36:4, interchanges with the דּע which belongs exclusively to Elihu, since Elihu styles himself תּמים דּעות, as Job 37:16 God תּמים דּעים (comp. 1 Samuel 2:3, אל דּעות). תמים in this combination with דעות cannot be intended of purity of character; but as Elihu there attributes absolute perfection of knowledge in every direction to God, so here, in reference to the theodicy which he opposes to Job, he claims faultlessness and clearness of perception.

Job 36:8 Parallel Commentaries

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Job 13:27 You put my feet also in the stocks, and look narrowly to all my paths; you set a print on the heels of my feet.

Job 19:6 Know now that God has overthrown me, and has compassed me with his net.

Job 33:18,19 He keeps back his soul from the pit, and his life from perishing by the sword...

Psalm 18:5 The sorrows of hell compassed me about: the snares of death prevented me.

Psalm 107:10 Such as sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, being bound in affliction and iron;

Psalm 116:3 The sorrows of death compassed me, and the pains of hell got hold on me: I found trouble and sorrow.

Lamentations 3:9 He has enclosed my ways with hewn stone, he has made my paths crooked.


Proverbs 5:22 His own iniquities shall take the wicked himself, and he shall be held with the cords of his sins.

Cross References
Job 36:15
He delivers the afflicted by their affliction and opens their ear by adversity.

Job 36:21
Take care; do not turn to iniquity, for this you have chosen rather than affliction.

Psalm 107:10
Some sat in darkness and in the shadow of death, prisoners in affliction and in irons,

Psalm 119:61
Though the cords of the wicked ensnare me, I do not forget your law.

Psalm 149:8
to bind their kings with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron,

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