Proverbs 3:9
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English Standard Version
Honor the LORD with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce;

King James Bible
Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase:

American Standard Version
Honor Jehovah with thy substance, And with the first-fruits of all thine increase:

Douay-Rheims Bible
Honour the Lord with thy substance, and give him of the first of all thy fruits :

English Revised Version
Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase:

Webster's Bible Translation
Honor the LORD with thy substance, and with the first-fruits of all thy increase:

Proverbs 3:9 Parallel
Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament

With this verse the doctrine begins; אל (not לא) shows the 3a does not continue the promise of Proverbs 3:2. חסד (R. חם, stringere, afficere) is, according to the prevailing usage of the language, well-affectedness, it may be of God toward men, or of men toward God, or of men toward one another - a loving disposition, of the same meaning as the N.T. ἀγάπη (vid., e.g., Hosea 6:6). אמת (from אמנת), continuance, a standing to one's promises, and not falsifying just expectations; thus fidelity, πίστις, in the interrelated sense of fides and fidelitas. These two states of mind and of conduct are here contemplated as moral powers (Psalm 61:8; Psalm 43:3), which are of excellent service, and bring precious gain; and 4b shows that their ramification on the side of God and of men, the religious and the moral, remains radically inseparable. The suffix ם does not refer to the doctrine and the precepts, but to these two cardinal virtues. If the disciple is admonished to bind them about his neck (vid., Proverbs 1:9, cf. Proverbs 3:22), so here reference is made, not to ornament, nor yet to protection against evil influences by means of them, as by an amulet

(Note: Fleischer is here reminded of the giraffe in the Jardin des Plantes, the head of which was adorned by its Arabic keeper with strings and jewels, the object of which was to turn aside the ‛ain [the bad, mischievous look] from the precious beast.)

(for which proofs are wanting), but to the signet which was wont to be constantly carried (Genesis 38:18, cf. Sol 8:6) on a string around the neck. The parallel member 3c confirms this; 3b and 3c together put us in mind of the Tephillim (phylacteries), Exodus 13:16; Deuteronomy 6:8; Deuteronomy 11:18, in which what is here a figure is presented in external form, but as the real figure of that which is required in the inward parts. לוּח (from לוּח, Arab. l'ah, to begin to shine, e.g., of a shooting star, gleaming sword; vid., Wetzstein, Deutsch. morgenl. Zeitschr. xxii. 151f.) signifies the tablet prepared for writing by means of polish; to write love and fidelity on the tablet of the heart, is to impress deeply on the heart the duty of both virtues, so that one will be impelled to them from within outward (Jeremiah 31:33).

Proverbs 3:9 Parallel Commentaries

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Proverbs 14:31 He that oppresses the poor reproaches his Maker: but he that honors him has mercy on the poor.


Genesis 14:18-21 And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God...


Genesis 28:22 And this stone, which I have set for a pillar, shall be God's house...


Exodus 22:29 You shall not delay to offer the first of your ripe fruits, and of your liquors: the firstborn of your sons shall you give to me.


Exodus 23:19 The first of the first fruits of your land you shall bring into the house of the LORD your God...


Exodus 34:26 The first of the first fruits of your land you shall bring to the house of the LORD your God...


Exodus 35:20-29 And all the congregation of the children of Israel departed from the presence of Moses...


Numbers 7:2 That the princes of Israel, heads of the house of their fathers, who were the princes of the tribes...

Numbers 31:50 We have therefore brought an oblation for the LORD, what every man has gotten, of jewels of gold, chains, and bracelets, rings...

Deuteronomy 26:2 That you shall take of the first of all the fruit of the earth, which you shall bring of your land that the LORD your God gives you...

Haggai 1:4-9 Is it time for you, O you, to dwell in your paneled houses, and this house lie waste...

Malachi 3:8,9 Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed me. But you say, Wherein have we robbed you? In tithes and offerings...

Mark 14:7,8,10 For you have the poor with you always, and whenever you will you may do them good: but me you have not always...

Luke 14:13,14 But when you make a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind...

1 Corinthians 16:2 On the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God has prospered him...

2 Corinthians 8:2,3,8,9 How that in a great trial of affliction the abundance of their joy and their deep poverty abounded to the riches of their liberality...

Philippians 4:17,18 Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account...

1 John 3:17,18 But whoever has this world's good, and sees his brother have need, and shuts up his bowels of compassion from him...

Cross References
Exodus 22:29
"You shall not delay to offer from the fullness of your harvest and from the outflow of your presses. The firstborn of your sons you shall give to me.

Exodus 23:19
"The best of the firstfruits of your ground you shall bring into the house of the LORD your God. "You shall not boil a young goat in its mother's milk.

Deuteronomy 26:2
you shall take some of the first of all the fruit of the ground, which you harvest from your land that the LORD your God is giving you, and you shall put it in a basket, and you shall go to the place that the LORD your God will choose, to make his name to dwell there.

2 Chronicles 31:21
And every work that he undertook in the service of the house of God and in accordance with the law and the commandments, seeking his God, he did with all his heart, and prospered.

Psalm 144:13
may our granaries be full, providing all kinds of produce; may our sheep bring forth thousands and ten thousands in our fields;

Proverbs 11:25
Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.

Isaiah 43:23
You have not brought me your sheep for burnt offerings, or honored me with your sacrifices. I have not burdened you with offerings, or wearied you with frankincense.

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