Psalm 40
Geneva Bible of 1587 Par ▾ 

I Waited Patiently for the LORD
(Psalm 70:1–5; Hebrews 10:1–18)

1To him that excelleth. A Psalme of Dauid. I Waited paciently for the Lorde, and he inclined vnto me, and heard my cry.

2Hee brought mee also out of the horrible pit, out of the myrie clay, and set my feete vpon the rocke, and ordered my goings.

3And he hath put in my mouth a new song of praise vnto our God: many shal see it and feare, and shall trust in the Lord.

4Blessed is the man that maketh the Lorde his trust, and regardeth not the proude, nor such as turne aside to lyes.

5O Lorde my God, thou hast made thy wonderfull workes so many, that none can count in order to thee thy thoughts toward vs: I would declare, and speake of them, but they are moe then I am able to expresse.

6Sacrifice & offering thou didest not desire: (for mine eares hast thou prepared) burnt offring and sinne offering hast thou not required.

7Then said I, Lo, I come: for in the rolle of the booke it is written of me,

8I desired to doe thy good will, O my God: yea, thy Lawe is within mine heart.

9I haue declared thy righteousnesse in the great Congregation: loe, I will not refraine my lippes: O Lord, thou knowest.

10I haue not hidde thy righteousnesse within mine heart, but I haue declared thy trueth and thy saluation: I haue not conceiled thy mercy and thy trueth from the great Congregation.

11Withdrawe not thou thy tender mercie from mee, O Lord: let thy mercie and thy trueth alway preserue me.

12For innumerable troubles haue compassed mee: my sinnes haue taken such holde vpon me, that I am not able to looke vp: yea, they are moe in nomber then the heares of mine head: therefore mine heart hath failed me.

13Let it please thee, O Lorde, to deliuer mee: make haste, O Lord, to helpe me.

14Let them be confounded & put to shame together, that seeke my soule to destroye it: let them be driuen backward and put to rebuke, that desire mine hurt.

15Let them be destroyed for a rewarde of their shame, which say vnto me, Aha, aha.

16Let all them, that seeke thee, reioyce and be glad in thee: and let them, that loue thy saluation, say alway, The Lord be praysed.

17Though I be poore and needie, the Lorde thinketh on mee: thou art mine helper and my deliuerer: my God, make no tarying.

Geneva Bible of 1587

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