8437. tolal
Strong's Concordance
tolal: perhaps to be wasted
Original Word: תּוֹלָל
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: tolal
Phonetic Spelling: (to-lawl')
Definition: perhaps to be wasted
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of uncertain derivation
perhaps to be wasted
NASB Translation
tormentors (1).

[תּוֺלָל] noun masculine doubtful word, only plural suffix וְתוֺלָלֵינוּ Psalm 137:3 AV RV they that wasted us, compare ᵑ7, but read then וְשׁוֺלְלֵינוּ Bae and others; >Thes596 Hup De and others made us wail (√ ילל).

תּוֺמִיךְ see תמך. תּוֺמִים see [תּוֺאָם], תאם.

תומן see II. תֵּימָן below ימן. תּוֺעָה see תעה.

[תּוֺעָפָה] see II. יעף. [תּוֺצָאָה] see יצא.

תוקחת Kt, תָקְהַת Qr, see III. תִּקְוַה p. 876.

תוף (√ of following [LevyNHWB iv. 661, under the word תופת, assumes √ תפף]; akin to Ethiopic spit, Aramaic (Talmud) תְּפַף id.; Arabic fie! for shame! Syriac Aph`el (and derivatives) also = spew out (BaES 28), but probably simply return).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

From yalal; causing to howl, i.e. An oppressor -- that wasted.

see HEBREW yalal

Forms and Transliterations
וְתוֹלָלֵ֣ינוּ ותוללינו vetolaLeinu wə·ṯō·w·lā·lê·nū wəṯōwlālênū
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Englishman's Concordance
Psalm 137:3
HEB: דִּבְרֵי־ שִׁ֭יר וְתוֹלָלֵ֣ינוּ שִׂמְחָ֑ה שִׁ֥ירוּ
NAS: of us songs, And our tormentors mirth,
KJV: of us a song; and they that wasted us [required of us] mirth,
INT: act of the songs and our tormentors mirth Sing

1 Occurrence

Strong's Hebrew 8437
1 Occurrence

wə·ṯō·w·lā·lê·nū — 1 Occ.

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