1 Chronicles 23
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1And David was old and his days full, and he established Solomon his son in the kingdom over Israel 2And he gathered all the Elders of the Priests and of the Levites.

3And the Levites were numbered from a son of thirty years and above, and the number of men by head of each man was thirtyeight thousand. 4And David appointed some of them as Rulers over the work of the house of LORD JEHOVAH, twenty and four men over each thousand, and Judges and Scribes, six men over each hundred 5That they would be watching the building and standing, and they were eager in their strength, and with their resources, and in their works, and in their accounts, and with their goods, and in charity that they would be distributing to the poor, and David appointed Stewards and Governors over the poor and over the afflicted, that they would be providing for and distributing to the poor, each over ten, and nothing was lacking to them. 6And David appointed all of them in their offices of the children of Levi: Gershun and Qahath and Merari.

7For Gershun: Ladan and Shemi. 8The sons of Ladan his older: Nakhayil, Yotham, Yuyel, three. 9The sons of Shemaiah: Salmuth and Khezayel and Aran: these three Chiefs of the fathers of Shemi. 10The sons of Shemi: Nakhath, Zabda, Yawush, Bria; these are the four sons of Shemi. 11And Nakhath was his older, and Zebda the second, and Yawush, and Bria, and Bria did not increase sons to himself, and it was for the house of their father, one generation.

12The sons of Qahath: Amram and Yatshar and Khebrun and Uziel, four. 13The sons of Amram: Aaron and Moshe, and Aaron was chosen to serve in the Holy of Holies, he and his children until eternity, to bring before LORD JEHOVAH censers of sweet spice for his service, and to bless in his name until eternity. 14And Moshe, the Prophet of LORD JEHOVAH, was called from the tribe of the house of Levi. 15The sons of Moshe: Gershum and Eliazar. 16The sons of Gershum: Shemueil his older. 17And the sons of Eliazar were Arkhima his eldest, and Eliazar had no other sons, and the sons of Arkhima: Ribay his eldest. 18And the sons of Itshar: Salmuth his oldest. 19And the sons of Khebrun: Yuda his oldest, Emaryah the second, Nakhzayel the third, Naqmayem the fourth. 20The sons of Azyayel: Mikah his oldest, Shukh the second.

21The sons of Marari: Makhli and Mushi. The sons of Makhli: Eliazar and Qish. 22And Eliazar died, and he had no sons, only daughters, and the sons of Qish their paternal Uncle took them. 23The sons of Mushi: Makhli and Adar and Yarmun the third.

24These are the sons of Levi for the house of their fathers, Chiefs of the fathers, for their accounting, in the number of their names by the Chief man presiding over the works that are necessary in the house of LORD JEHOVAH, from a son of twenty years and above. 25Because David said: ”THE LORD OF LORDS has given rest to Israel his people, and he dwells in Jerusalem from now and until eternity! 26Also the Levites shall carry the Tabernacle and all the implements of its works.” 27Because by the last words of David, the computation of the children of Levi from a son of twenty years and above ended. 28For he appointed them by the side of the sons of Aaron that they would be authorized in the house of LORD JEHOVAH over those who sound with horns, the straight ones and the curved ones, and over the closets in which they collected the vessels of holiness of LORD JEHOVAH 29And the bread of rows and fine flour and unleavened cakes and all who sing and give thanks 30That they will be rising every dawn to dawn, and giving thanks, and glorifying LORD JEHOVAH also every sunset to sunset 31And to offer up sacrifices to LORD JEHOVAH on the Sabbaths, and on the first of the months, and at feasts by their number, according to what is right for them constantly before LORD JEHOVAH. 32They shall be keeping guard of the implements of the Tabernacle and the implements of holiness, and they shall be keeping guard of the sons of Aaron, their brethren, whenever they are needed to serve in the house of LORD JEHOVAH.

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