1 Kings 20
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1And Bar Hadad, King of Edom, gathered all his army and thirty two Kings who were with him, and horses and chariots, and he went up and he encamped against Samaria and he fought with it. 2And he sent Messengers to Akhab, King of Israel. 3And said to him: “Thus says BarHadad: “Your silver and your gold is mine, and your wives and your sons who are beautiful are mine.” 4And the King of Israel answered and he said: “According to your word, my Lord King, I am yours and all that is mine!” 5And the Messengers returned and they said: “Thus says BarHadad: that which I sent to you at the first, that your silver and your gold and your wives and your sons you shall give to me 6Tomorrow at this time I shall send my Servants to you and they will search your houses and the houses of your Servants, and they shall take in their hands everything of the lust of their eyes, and they shall come.”

7And the King of Israel called all the Elders of the land and said to them: “Know and see that this one is seeking evil, for he sent to me for my wives and for my sons and for my silver and for my gold and I have not withheld any from him. 8And all of the Elders and all the people said to him: “You should not listen and you should not obey!” 9And he said to the Messengers of BarHadad: “Say to my Lord the King, ‘Everything which you sent to your servant at the first I shall do, but this matter I cannot do.’ And the Messengers went and they returned the answer. 10And BarHadad sent to him and said: “Thus the gods shall do to me and thus they will do more to me if the dust of Samaria, a handful, will be sufficient for the people who are with me!” 11And the King of Israel answered and said: “They have said, ‘He who binds is not able as he who loosens.’” 12And when he heard this answer and he was drinking, and the Kings in huts, he said to his Servants: “Set an array against the city!”

13And behold, one Prophet came to Akhab, King of Israel, and said to him: “Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: do you see this whole great army? Behold, I deliver it into your hands today, and you shall know that I AM LORD JEHOVAH.” 14And Akhab said: “By whom?” And he said to him: “By the young men and by the Princes of the city.” And he said to him: who will first set the battle in array? He said to him: “You.” 15And he numbered the youth and the Princes of the city, and there were two hundred and thirty and two, and after them he numbered all the people and all the sons of Israel, seven thousand.

16And they went out at noonday, and Bar Hadad was drinking aged wine in huts, he and thirty two Kings who came to his assistance. 17And the young men and the Princes of the city went out first, and BarHadad sent and they told him and they said to him: “Behold, men have gone out from Samaria!” 18And he said: “If they have gone out in peace, take them alive, and if they have gone out for battle, take them alive.”

19And the young men and the Princes of the city went out from the city, and the army after them. 20And they killed every man his man, and Edom fled, and Israel pursued them, and Hadad King of Edom escaped with chariots and horsemen. 21And the King of Israel went out and destroyed horses and chariots, and he struck Edom with a very great slaughter.

22And behold, the Prophet of God came to Akhab King of Israel, and said to him: “Go! Be strong and know, see what you do, because at the return of the year the King of Edom comes up against you!”

23And the Servants of the King of Edom were saying to him: “Their God is the God of the mountains. Because of this, they are victorious; however, we will fight with them in the plain and we will conquer them! 24And do this thing: remove the Kings, each man, from his place, and set up Generals in their place. 25And you number for yourself an army like the army that fell from you, and horses like the horses and chariots like the chariots, and we shall fight with them in the plain, but we will prevail over them.” And he listened to their voice and he did so.

26And it was, at the return of the year, BarHadad commanded Edom, and he came up to Aphaq to fight with Israel. 27And the sons of Israel were numbered and were arrayed, and they stood against them as two flocks of kids of goats, and the Edomites filled the land. 28And the Prophet of God came to Akhab, King of Israel, and said to him: “Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: ‘Why did the Edomites say, LORD JEHOVAH is God of the mountains, and is not God of the valleys?’ I shall hand all this great army over into your hands, and you shall know that I AM LORD JEHOVAH.” 29And these camped against those for seven days, and it was on the seventh day, and they waged war, and the sons of Israel killed a hundred thousand men of Edom, Foot Soldiers, in one day 30And they who were left fled to the city Aphaq, and a wall fell on twenty and seven thousand men who were left, and Bar Hadad fled, and he entered a urinal inside a bathroom within the city.

31And his Servants approached and they were saying to him: “Behold, we hear that Kings of Israel are good Kings; let us bind sackcloth on our heads and ropes on our loins and we will go forth to the King of Israel; perhaps he will save our lives.” 32And they bound sackcloth on their heads and ropes on their loins, and they came to the King of Israel, and they said to him: “Your Servant, BarHadad, said, ‘Spare my life!’” And he said: “Is he still alive? He is my brother!” 33And the man BarHadad was a soothsayer, and the men were practicing divination, and they hurried and they delivered him from him, and they said: “Your brother, BarHadad!” And he said: “Go, bring him!” And BarHadad went out to him, and he set him with himself in the chariot. 34And he said to him: “The cities that my father took from your father I shall return to you, and I shall make a Forum for you in Darmsuq as my father did in Samaria, and I shall send you with a covenant.” And he covenanted a covenant with him, and he sent him.

35And one man of the sons of the Prophets said to his friend by the word of LORD JEHOVAH: “Hit me!” And the man was not willing to hit him. 36He said to him: “Because you have not listened to the voice of LORD JEHOVAH your God, behold, you are going from my presence, and a lion will kill you!” And he went on from his presence, and a lion found him and killed him. 37And he found another man and said to him: “Hit me!”, and that man hit him and wounded him. 38And the Prophet went on and stood before the King on the side of a road, and covered his face with ashes. 39And behold, the King passed by, and he shouted before the King and said: “Your Servant went out into battle, and behold, a man turned aside and he brought a man to me and said to me: ‘Guard this man’, and if he will wander off, your life will be in the place of his life, or you shall pay a talent of silver!” 40And as your Servant turned aside here and there, he was gone. The King of Israel said to him: ‘So is your judgment. You have decided.’ 41And he made haste and removed the ashes from his face, and the King of Israel knew him that he was one of the Prophets. 42And he said to him: “Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: because you let go out of hand an accursed man, your life will be in place of his life, and your people for the sake of his people.” 43And the King of Israel went on to his house, while grieving, and was angry, and he entered Samaria.

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