1 Kings 4
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1And Solomon was the King over all Israel. 2And these were his Princes: Azarayah, son of Tsadoq the Priest 3Elikharaph and Akhia, sons of Shisha the Scribe and Yushaphat, son of Akhilud the Chronicler 4And Benaiah, son of Yawida, over the army and Tsaduq and Abiathar the Priests 5And Azraya, son of Nathan over the Governors, and Zabur, son of Nathan the Priest, the friend of the King 6And Abinshar, Chief of the house, and Aduniram, son of Abda, over taxation.

7And for Solomon these twelve Governors over all Israel, and they nourished the King and his household, and the army, a month in a year, one for each to supply food. 8And these are their names: Bar Khur in the mountain of Aphreim 9Bar Deqar in Maqats and in Shaalbim and in Bayth Shemesh and in Iluun of Bayth Khenan. 10And Bar Khesad in Rabuth, his was Sakuth and all the land of Khaphar 11Bar Abinadab in Naphetdur, Taphat, daughter of Solomon was his wife. 12Benah Bar Akhilud in Tanak and in Magdu and in all Bayth Yashan that is at the side of Tsartan from under Yizreil, from Bayth Yashan and unto Abal Mekhula and unto the other side of Naqamam 13Bar Gabar in Ramath Gelad, his tract of Yair Bar Manasheh; his was the tract of Argub that is in Bayshan, sixty great towns that had walls and gates and bolts of brass 14Akhinadab Bar Gedu in Makhnim 15Akhimats in Naphtali; he took also Besmath the daughter of Solomon a wife 16Baana, son of Khushi, in Ashir and in Baluth 17Yushaphat Bar Parukh, in Issakar 18Shemei Bar Alah in Benyamin 19Gabar Bar Uri in the land of Gelad, the land of Sihon, King of the Amorites, and Og King of Bayshan, and Governors ruled over the land.

20And Yehuda and Israel were many as the sand that is upon the shore of the sea, a multitude eating and drinking and rejoicing.

21And Solomon was authorized in the entire Kingdom from the river of the land of the Philistines and unto the borders of Egypt, and they were bringing gifts and they were serving Solomon all the days of his life.

22And the bread of Solomon in one day was thirty cors of fine flour, and sixty cors of meal. 23And ten fattened oxen and twenty grazing oxen and a hundred sheep, apart from harts and deer and antelope and fattened fowl. 24Because he was authorized over all the crossing of the river from Takhpis and unto Aza and over all Kings of the crossing of the river, and he had peace from all its sides and from all of them around him. 25And Yehuda and Israel dwelt in quietness, each man under his vines and under his fig trees, from Dan and unto Beersheba, all the days of Solomon. 26And Solomon had forty thousand stalls of horses for his riding, and twelve thousand horsemen. 27And these Governors nourished King Solomon and everyone who came to the table of King Solomon, each man of his month, and they did not reduce anything. 28And they brought to the place barley and straw for the stallions and for the mares, where there was a man, according to his right.

29And God gave to Solomon wisdom and understanding and greatness of heart in great abundance. 30And the wisdom of Solomon was greater than the wisdom of all the sons of the East, and than the wisdom of the Egyptians. 31And he was wiser than any man, than Ethan the Easterner and Haman and Kelkal and Darda the sons of Mekhul, and his name was in all the nations that were around him. 32And he spoke three thousand proverbs and his songs were one thousand and five. 33And he spoke about trees, from the cedars of Lebanon and unto the lof bean plant that goes forth in the wall, and he spoke about animal and about bird and about creeping things and about fish. 34And they were coming from all of the nations to hear the wisdom of Solomon, from all the Kings of the Earth, and he was receiving gifts from all the Kings of the Earth who heard his wisdom.

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