1 Samuel 3
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1And the boy Shemueil was ministering before LORD JEHOVAH, before Eli the Priest, and the word of LORD JEHOVAH was precious in those days. There was no vision revealed

2And it was in those days, and Eli lay down in his place, and his eyes began to be dim and he could not see 3And the lamp of LORD JEHOVAH had not yet gone out, and Shemueil lay down in the temple of LORD JEHOVAH where the ark of God was 4And LORD JEHOVAH called to Shemueil, and he said: “Behold, here I am!” 5And he ran to Eli and said: “Behold, here I am, for you called me!” And he said, “I did not call. Go lie down.” And he went and he lay down 6And LORD JEHOVAH continued again to call Shemueil, and Shemueil stood and he went on to Eli and said: “Behold, here I am, for you called me!” And he said: “I did not call, my son! Go lie down!” 7And Samuel did not yet know LORD JEHOVAH, and the word of LORD JEHOVAH had not yet been revealed to him 8And LORD JEHOVAH continued again to call Shemueil a third time, and Shemueil got up and he went to Eli, and he said: “Behold, I am here, for you did call me!” And Eli perceived that LORD JEHOVAH had called the boy 9And Eli said to Shemueil: “Go, lie down, and if he calls you, say: “‘Speak LORD JEHOVAH, because your Servant listens.” And Shemueil went on and he lay down in his place

10And LORD JEHOVAH came and stood, and he called two times: “Shemueil! Shemueil!” And Shemueil said: “Speak LORD JEHOVAH, for your Servant listens!” 11And LORD JEHOVAH said to Shemueil: “Behold, I do a thing in Israel, which everyone who hears will make his two ears tingle 12In that day also I shall raise up against Eli everything that I said against his house, the beginning and the end 13And I shall show him that I judge his house for eternity in the evil that he had known, that these his sons had been abusing the people and he was not rebuking them 14Because of this, I shall put to death any of the house of Eli, and the evil of the house of Eli shall not be atoned by sacrifices and by offerings for eternity”

15And Shemueil lay down until the morning and opened the gate of the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and Shemueil was afraid to reveal the vision to Eli 16And Eli called Shemueil and said: “Shemueil, my son”, and he said, “Behold, here I am” 17And he said to him, “What is the word that LORD JEHOVAH spoke to you? Do not be afraid of me. Thus God will do to you and thus he will add to you if you will hide from me a word of all the matter that LORD JEHOVAH said to you” 18And Shemueil showed him all the words and he hid nothing from him, and Eli said: “It is LORD JEHOVAH. Everything that is excellent in his eyes he shall do”

19And Shemueil knew that LORD JEHOVAH was with him, and he did not cast any of all his words to the ground 20And all Israel, from Dan and unto to Beersheba, knew that Shemueil was entrusted as the Prophet by God 21And LORD JEHOVAH continued again to be revealed in Shilo by his words, and the word of Shemueil was over all Israel

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