1 Timothy 3
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1This is a trustworthy saying, that if a man desires Eldership, he desires a good work. 2And an Elder ought to be one in whom no fault is found and is the husband of one woman, is of a vigilant mind, sober, orderly, loves strangers and is a teacher; 3And he does not transgress concerning wine and his hand is not swift to strike, but he should be humble, not contentious, neither a lover of money, 4And he governs his house well, and holds his children in subjection with all purity. 5For if he does not know how to lead his own household well, how can he lead the Church of God? 6Neither should he be a young disciple, lest he be lifted up and would fall into the judgment of Satan; 7He ought to have an excellent testimony from outsiders, lest he fall into shame and into the trap of Satan.

8In this way also, Ministers should be pure and should not double-speak, neither be inclined to much wine, neither love defiled riches, 9But they should hold the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience. 10And those who are such should be first proved and then let them serve, being without fault. 11In this way also, the wives should be modest and alert in their minds and shall be faithful in everything and should not be slanderers. 12A Minister should be one who has one wife and leads his children and his household well. 13For those who serve well purchase a good rank for themselves and much boldness in the faith of Yeshua The Messiah.

14I have written these things to you, as I hope that I shall soon come to you, 15But if I delay, that you may know how it is necessary to behave in the household of God, which is the church of THE LIVING GOD, the pillar and foundation of the truth.

16And this Mystery of Righteousness is truly great, which was revealed in the flesh and was justified in The Spirit; He appeared to Angels and was preached among the Gentiles; He was trusted in the world and he ascended into glory.

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