2 Chronicles 2
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1And Solomon said to build a house for the name of LORD JEHOVAH and the house of his kingdom. 2And Solomon numbered seventy thousand men the bearers of poles, and eighty thousand men Stone Cutters in the mountain, and Leaders over them, three thousand and six hundred.

3And Solomon sent to Khiram, King of Tsur, and said to him: “Just as you have done great kindness with David my father and you sent him cedars to build himself a house to dwell in it, 4Even now I am building a house for the name of LORD JEHOVAH my God, to hallow it and to bring before him censers of sweet incense and to light a lamp constantly, and to bring sacrifices at dawn and in the evening, and on the Sabbaths in the first of the month, and at the feasts of LORD JEHOVAH our God for eternity; this they decreed for all Israel. 5And the house that I build is very great, because LORD JEHOVAH our God is greater than all Kings. 6And who has power in him to build a house for him, for Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens do not contain him, and who am I considered that I would build him a house, or that I would bring forth to him censers of sweet incense? 7Therefore send me one wise man, one that will work in gold, and in silver, and in brass, and in iron and in purple, and in fine white linen, and in sky blue, and in dark blue, and knows how to cast keys with the wise men who are in Yehuda and in Jerusalem, whom David my father provided. 8And send me wood of cedar and of cypress and of sandal wood from Lebanon, because I knew that your Servants know to cut cedars from Lebanon, and now my Servants are with your Servants. 9They shall be bringing me much wood, because the house that I build is very great and what is wonderful. 10And I am bringing Carpenters who are skillful and I am giving to your Servants twenty thousand cors of wheat provision, and twenty thousand cors of barley and twenty thousand quadrantals of wine and twenty thousand quadrantals of oil.

11And Khiram, the King of Tsur, spoke in writing, and he sent to Solomon and said to him: “Because LORD JEHOVAH loved his people, he appointed you King over them.” 12And Khiram said: “Blessed is THE LORD OF LORDS of Israel who created Heaven and Earth, and he gave David a wise, knowledgeable and discerning son, and it was from his mind to build a house for LORD JEHOVAH and a house for his kingdom.

13Also now I have sent you a wise man, Khiram, knowing discernment. 14He is son of a woman who is a widow from the house Dan, and his father is a Craftsman knowing how to work with gold, and with silver, and with brass, and with iron, and with stone, and with wood, and with purple, and with dark blue, and with fine white linen, and with sky blue, and with red, to make the keys for the doors and to use every skill that is given to him from before LORD JEHOVAH, with your wise men and with the wise men of our Lord David your father. 15Also now the wheat and the barley and the oil and the wine that my Lord said to send out to his Servants, he will send. 16And we will cut down cedars from Lebanon according to your desire, and according to your measurements, and he shall bring them to you, and he shall put them in the Sea of Reeds, and you will bring them up to Jerusalem.

17And Solomon gathered all proselyte men who were in the land of Israel after the computation when David his father numbered them. 18And he found a hundred and fifty thousand and three thousand and six hundred, and King Solomon made of them seventy thousand bearers of poles and eighty thousand Stone Cutters in the mountain, and three thousand and six hundred Governors who employed the people.

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