2 Samuel 17
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1Akhithuphel said to Abishlum: “I shall choose twelve thousand warriors and I shall arise, I shall chase after David in the night 2And I shall overtake him while he is weary and his hands are weak, and I shall trouble him, and all the people which are with him will run and I shall kill the King alone 3And I shall turn all the people to you, as every man whom you have desired has turned, and all the people will be at peace!” 4And the word was pleasing to the ears of Abishlum and in the eyes of all of the Elders of Israel

5And Abishlum said, “Call Khushi the Arkite, and we shall hear what he says also” 6And Khushi came to Abishlum and Abishlum said to him: “Thus and so Akhithuphel said. Shall we do what he says, and if it is not proper, speak” 7Khushi said to Abishlum: “The advice that Akhithuphil counseled is not good at this time” 8Khushi said to him: “You are aware of your father and his Servants, that they are mighty men, enraged of soul like a bear that is wounded in the field, and your father is a man Warrior and does not spend the night beside the people 9Behold, he is hidden in one of the countries or in one of the places, and whenever we fall on them, as at the first, and the report is heard that there has been slaughter among the people who follow after Abishlum 10Even if a man is a mighty man of the army whose heart is like the heart of a lion, he does not surely melt, because all Israel knows that your father is a mighty man, and that mighty men of the army are with him 11I counsel that when all Israel are assembled to you from Dan and unto Bar Sheba, and you go on in the middle 12And we are going against him in one of the countries wherever he is found, and we encamp against him like dew falls over the land, and no man that was with him shall be left with him, not even one 13And if he will enter a city, all Israel will cast cords on it and we shall drag it unto the valley and we shall not leave even a cricket there 14Abishlum and all Israel said: “The counsel of Khushi the Arkite is better than the counsel of Akhithuphel!”, and LORD JEHOVAH commanded to nullify the good advice of Akhithuphel, because LORD JEHOVAH would bring evil against Abishlum

15Khushi said to Tsadoq and to Abiathar the Priests: “Thus and so Akhithuphel gave counsel to Abishlum and to all Israel, and thus and so I have counseled 16Now send quickly and show David and say to him: ‘You should not lodge at night in the plain of the wilderness, but pass through yourself lest you be destroyed, you and all the people that are with you’” 17And Nathan and Akhimez stood by the side of The Fountain of Qatsra, and a Maid Servant went and she told them, and they went and they told King David, so they could not be seen entering the city 18And a boy saw them and he told Abishlum, and the two of them went, they entered the house of one man of Bayth Khorim, and he had a well in his courtyard, and they went down into it 19And a woman took a covering for it and she covered over the well and she spread barley grain over it and no person knew it 20And the Servants of Abishlum came to the house of the woman and said: “Where are Akhimez and Nathan?” The woman said to them: “They went by themselves from here, because they wanted water and they did not find it, and they returned to Jerusalem”

21And after they had gone, they came up by themselves from the well and they went, they told King David and they said to him: “Rise quickly and cross over the water, because thus has Akhithuphel counseled against you!” 22And David rose up and all the people who were with him, and they crossed the Jordan, and when the dawn arose, no person remained who did not then cross the Jordan

23And Akhithuphil saw that his counsel was not confirmed, and he put a saddle upon his donkey and he arose, he went to his house and to his city, and he commanded concerning his house, and he hanged himself and died, and was buried in the tomb of his father

24And David crossed over to Makhnim, and Abishlum crossed over the Jordan, he and all Israel with him 25And Amasa appointed Abishlum in the place of Yuab over the army, and Amasa was son of an Israelite man, and his name was Ithra, who had gone in upon Abigel, daughter of Nakhash, the sister of Tsuria, the mother of Yuab 26And Israel and Abishlum camped in the land of Gelad

27And when David had come to Makhnim, and Abishi, son of Nakhash, from Rabbath of the sons of Amun and Makir, son of Gemil, from Ludbar, and Barzali the Galadite from Dublin 28They brought beds and carpets and vessels of a potter, and wheat and barley and parched corn and flour and beans and lentils 29And they brought honey and butter and sheep and cheese of cows to David to eat and to the people who were with him, because they said: “The people are hungry and exhausted and parched with thirst in the wilderness!”

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