2 Samuel 8
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1And it was after this, David struck the Philistines and defeated them, and David took Ramath Gama from the Philistines

2And he struck the Moabites and he measured them with a cord and made them lie down on the ground, and he measured two cords to kill and a full cord to keep alive, and the Moabites were Servants to David, offerers of offerings

3And David struck Hedarezar, son of Rakhub, the King of Tsuba, when he went to turn his hand at the River Euphraates 4And David destroyed from him a thousand and seven hundred chariots and twenty thousand infantry warriors, and David overthrew all the chariots and he left of them one hundred chariots 5And Adum and Darmsuq came to help Hedarezar the King of Tsuba, and David struck twenty and two thousand at Adum .” 6And David set up Governors at Adum, and in Darmsuq, Servants, raisers of tax for David, and LORD JEHOVAH saved David wherever he went 7And David took shields of gold that were on the Servants of Hedarezar 8And King David took very much brass and he brought them to Jerusalem from Tebakh and from Bruthi, cities of Hedarezar

9And Tua the King of Khamath heard that David had beaten all the army of Hedarezar 10And Tua sent Yuram his son to King David to invoke his peace and to bless him, because he had fought with Hedarezar and had defeated him, because that man Hedarezar was a Warrior, and Yuram, son of Tua, took vessels of silver in his hand and vessels of gold and vessels of brass and he brought them to David 11And King David also consecrated them to LORD JEHOVAH with the silver and the gold which he consecrated from all the nations that he had defeated 12From Adum, and from Moab, and from the sons of Amun, and from the sons of the Philistines, and from the sons of the Amaleqites, and from the realm of Hedarezar, son of Rakhub, the King of Tsuba

13And David did battle there when he returned after he had defeated Adum in the Valley of Salt, putting to the sword eighteen thousand 14And David set up Governors in all Adum and all of them were Adumites, Servants to David, and LORD JEHOVAH saved David wherever he went

15And David reigned over all Israel, and David executed judgment and justice over all his people 16And Yuab, son of Tsuriya, was over the army, and Yushaphat, son of Akhilud, was the Recorder 17And Tsaduq, son of Akhitub, Geliona, and Abiathar, son of Akhimelek the Priest, and Sharyah the Scribe 18And Benaya, son of Yuyada, over Free Men and over the Laborers, and the sons of David were Princes

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