Exodus 10
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1And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe: “Go to Pharaoh, because I have hardened his heart and the heart of his servants so that I would do these signs among them: 2And so that you would narrate before your son and the son of your son what I have done in Egypt and the signs that I have done among them, and you shall know that I AM LORD JEHOVAH.”

3And Moshe and Aaron came to Pharaoh and they said to him, “Thus says LORD JEHOVAH, God of the Hebrews, ‘How long will you choose not to fear me? Send my people out and they will serve me. 4And if you choose not to send my people out, behold, tomorrow I shall bring the locust upon your entire border: 5And it will cover the face of the land, and a son of man will be unable to see the land and it will eat the rest of anything that the hail has left for you and it will eat of all of the trees, those that have budded to you in the field: 6And your houses will be filled and the houses of your servants and the houses of all Egyptians which your fathers and the fathers of your fathers did not see in this way, from the day that they have been on the Earth and until today’”, and they turned and they went out from before Pharaoh. 7And his Servants said to Pharaoh, “How long will we have this scandal? Send away the men and they shall serve LORD JEHOVAH their God. Do you not know that you have destroyed Egypt?” 8And they returned Moshe and Aaron to Pharaoh, and he said to them, “Go serve before LORD JEHOVAH your God, but who and what are going?” 9Moshe said to him, “With our young and with our old, we shall go; with our sons and with our daughters, with our sheep and with our oxen we will go, because it is a feast of LORD JEHOVAH for us.” 10And he said to them, “LORD JEHOVAH shall be with you in this way when I have sent you and your little ones, but see that there is no harm against your persons. 11Not in this way; go now you men and serve before LORD JEHOVAH, because it is rest that you seek”, and they took them out from before the presence of Pharaoh.

12And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe: “Lift your hand over the land of Egypt for the locust and it will come up over the land of Egypt, and it will eat the grass of the land and everything that the hail has left.” 13And Moshe lifted his staff over the land of Egypt and LORD JEHOVAH brought out the wind of dry heat over the land all that day and all night. Dawn came and the wind of dry heat carried the locust. 14And the locust came up on all the land of Egypt and it destroyed within the entire border of the Egyptians; it was very severe and there was not a locust plague like it before it, neither shall there be one like it after it. 15And it covered the face of all the land and the land grew dark and it ate all the grass of the land and all fruit of the trees that the hail had left and it did not leave a leaf in a tree, neither grass in the field in all the land of Egypt. 16And Pharaoh hurried to call Moshe and Aaron and he said to them, “I have sinned against LORD JEHOVAH your God and against you. 17Also now forgive my injury this time and pray before LORD JEHOVAH your God and he will remove from me this death. 18And Moshe went out from before Pharaoh and he prayed before LORD JEHOVAH. 19And LORD JEHOVAH turned and he brought the west wind that was very strong and it carried the locust and cast it into the sea of Reeds, and there was not left even one locust in all the border of the Egyptians. 20And LORD JEHOVAH hardened the heart of Pharaoh and he did not send out the children of Israel.

21And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe: “Lift your hand to Heaven and there will be darkness over all the land of Egypt, and it will darken darkness. 22And Moshe lifted his hand to Heaven and there was darkness and thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days: 23No man saw his brother, and no man arose from his place for three days, and for all the children of Israel there was light among their dwellings. 24And Pharaoh called Moshe and said to him, “Go serve before LORD JEHOVAH, only leave your flocks and your oxen, and also your little ones will go with you.” 25Moshe said to him: “Also you shall give into our hand sacrifices and offerings and we will sacrifice to LORD JEHOVAH our God. 26Also our beast will go with us and there will not remain of us even one hoof here, because we are taking it to serve before LORD JEHOVAH our God, and we do not know what we will serve before LORD JEHOVAH when we arrive there.” 27And LORD JEHOVAH hardened the heart of Pharaoh and he did not want to send them away. 28And Pharaoh said to Moshe, “Go from my presence; beware that you do not again appear before me, because in the day that you appear to me, you will die!” 29Moshe said to him, “You have said well; I shall not see your face again.”

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