Exodus 21
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1And these are the judgments that you shall set before them.

2When you will buy a Hebrew Servant, six years he will serve you and in the seventh he will go forth as a son of freedom from your presence. 3And if he alone will come in, he alone will go forth, and if he is a husband of a wife, his wife will go out with him. 4And if his Master will give him a woman and she shall bear to him sons and daughters, the wife and her children will be his Master’s and he will go forth alone. 5And if a Servant will say, “I Love my Master and my wife and my children; I am not going out a son of freedom”: 6His Master shall bring him to the Judges and they shall bring him to the door or to the door post and his Master shall bore his ear with an awl and he will be his, doing service for life.

7And when a man will sell his daughter as a Maidservant, she will not go out as Men Servants will leave. 8If she is hated in the eyes of her Master so that he will not take her, let him redeem her for a foreign people; it is not legal for him to sell her, because he was false to her. 9And if he will take her for his son, he shall do for her according to the Law of what is done to a daughter. 10And if he will take to himself another wife; her provisions and her clothing and her bed he shall not take. 11And if he will not do these three things to her, she will go out freely without expense.

12He who strikes a man and the man dies, shall certainly be killed. 13And he who did not lie in ambush for him and God handed him over into his hand, make for you a place that he may flee there. 14And if a man will presume against his neighbor and will kill him by treachery, take him from the presence of my altar to kill him.

15He who will strike his father or his mother shall certainly be killed.

16He who will steal a person and will sell him and be found with him surely shall be killed.

17He who will revile his father or his mother surely shall be killed.

18And when two men will fight and a man will strike his neighbor with a stone or by force and he will not die and he will fall ill: 19If he shall rise and he will walk in the street on his staff, he who hit him will be innocent, only he will give him his loss of work and the hire of a Physician.

20And when a man will strike his Servant or his maid with a rod and one dies under his hand, he shall certainly be judged. 21However, if one shall live one day or two days, he will not be judged because that is his money.

22And when two men will fight and they strike a woman who is pregnant and her infant shall come out and there will be no misfortune, certainly he shall be fined according to what the husband of the woman lays upon him, and he will give as the Judges decide. 23And if there is misfortune, he will give a life in exchange for a life, 24An eye in exchange for an eye, a tooth in exchange for a tooth, a hand in exchange of a hand, a foot in exchange for a foot. 25Branding in exchange for branding, wound in exchange for wound, a blow in exchange for a blow.

26And when a man will strike the eye of his Servant or the eye of his Maidservant and will injure it, he will send him/her away a person of freedom for the sake of his/her eye. 27And if he will knock out a tooth of his Servant or a tooth of his Maidservant, he will send that person away as a person of freedom for the sake of his tooth.

28And when an ox will gore a man or a woman and someone will die, the ox surely will be stoned and its flesh shall not be eaten and the owner of the ox shall be declared innocent. 29And if the ox was a gorer from yesterday or from before it and they testified before its owner and he did not keep it and it will kill a man or a woman, the ox will be stoned, also its owner will be killed. 30And if they shall impose money upon him, he will give the redemption of his life as much as they ask him. 31And if an ox will gore a son or a daughter, it will be done to it according to this judgment. 32And if an ox will gore a Servant or a Maidservant, he shall give thirty shekels of silver to his/her Master and the ox shall be stoned.

33And when a man will open a pit or a man will dig a well and will not cover them and an ox or a donkey will fall there; 34The owner of the pit will pay money to its owner and the dead animal shall be his.

35And when the ox of a man will gore the ox of another man, his neighbor, and it will die, they will sell the living ox and shall divide its money, also they shall divide that which is dead. 36And if it will be known that an ox was a gorer from yesterday or from the day before yesterday, and its owner did not keep it in, he will give an ox in exchange for the ox and the dead ox shall be his.

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