Exodus 7
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1And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe: “See that I have given you as a god to Pharaoh, and Aaron your brother shall be your Prophet. 2You shall say everything that I command you, and Aaron your brother will speak to Pharaoh and he will send the children of Israel from his land. 3And I shall harden the heart of Pharaoh and I shall multiply my signs and my wonders in the land of Egypt. 4And Pharaoh will not listen to you and I shall give my hand in Egypt and I shall bring out my armies and my people, the children of Israel, from the land of Egypt in great judgment. 5And the Egyptians shall know that I AM LORD JEHOVAH, whenever I have raised my hand against the Egyptians and I shall bring out the children of Israel from among them. 6And Moshe and Aaron did as LORD JEHOVAH commanded them; in this way they did. 7And Moshe was a son of eighty years, and Aaron was a son of eighty and three years when they spoke with Pharaoh.

8And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe and to Aaron: 9“If Pharaoh says to you, ‘Give me a sign’, say to Aaron, ‘Take your staff and cast before Pharaoh and it will be a dragonsea serpent.’” 10And Moshe and Aaron came to Pharaoh and did in this way just as LORD JEHOVAH commanded them, and Aaron cast his staff before Pharaoh and before his Nobles, and it became a dragonsea serpent. 11And Pharaoh called the wise men and sorcerers, and also those sorcerers of Egypt did likewise by their sorceries. 12And the men cast, each one, his staff, before Pharaoh and they became dragonssea serpents, and the scepter of Aaron devoured their staves. 13And the heart of Pharaoh was hardened and he did not send them away, just as LORD JEHOVAH said.

14And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe, “The heart of Pharaoh is hardened and he does not want to send the people out. 15Go to Pharaoh at dawn; behold, he will go out to the water; stand opposite him on the shore of the river and take the staff that became a serpent in your hand. 16And say to him: ‘LORD JEHOVAH, God of the Hebrews, has sent Me to you, and he said: “Send out my people; they will serve me in the wilderness, and behold, until now you have not listened. 17Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: “In this you will know that I AM LORD JEHOVAH; behold, I strike with the rod that is in my hand upon the waters that are in the river and they shall be turned and they shall become blood. 18And the fish that are in the river will die and the river will stink and the Egyptians will loathe to drink waters from the river.’” 19And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe: “Say to Aaron, ‘Take your staff and lift your hand over the waters of the Egyptians, over their rivers and over their reservoirs and over their pools and over the ponds of their waters and they shall be blood, and blood will be in all the land of Egypt, in the wood and in the stone.’”

20And in this way Moshe and Aaron did just as LORD JEHOVAH commanded them, and Aaron lifted his staff and struck the water that was in the river before the eyes of Pharaoh and before the eyes of his Servants, and all of the waters that were in the river were blood for them. 21And the fish that were in the river died, and the river stank, and the Egyptians did not find water to drink from the river, and it was blood in all the land of Egypt. 22And thus the Sorcerers of Egypt did by their sorceries and the heart of Pharaoh was made dense and he did not hear them, just as LORD JEHOVAH had said. 23And Pharaoh returned and he entered his house and he did not take this to his heart. 24And all the Egyptians dug around the river to drink water, because they were not able to drink from the waters of the river. 25And seven days were completed after LORD JEHOVAH struck the river.

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