Ezekiel 41
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1And he brought me to the Temple, and he measured a post: its width was six cubits from here, and its width, six cubits from there 2And the width of the Tabernacle and the width of the door, ten cubits, and the sides of the door, five cubits from here and five cubits from there, and he measured its length forty cubits, and its width twenty cubits 3And he entered within and he measured into the doorway two cubits, and the door six cubits, and its width seven cubits 4And he measured its length twenty cubits, and its width twenty cubits next to the temple, and he said to me: “This is The Holy of Holies”

5And he measured the wall of the house, six cubits, and the width of the side, seven cubits circling the house 6And the side partitions, partition on partition, thirty three of them, and the side partitions entered into the wall of the house in a circle that were enclosed and separate from the wall 7And the partitions were joined above that encircled the house above, that enlarged the house from above, and from beneath; they would be going up to the middle ones, and from the middle ones to the upper rooms 8And I saw the height of the house as a circle, and they were separate one from another, a full reed of six cubits 9And the width of the wall of the side partition outside was five cubits, and from within, five cubits 10And the width between the chambers which encircled the house was twenty cubits 11And the door of the side partition that was separate, one to the south, and one to the north, and the width of the place that was separate, five cubits

12And the building that was before the partition space in the west gate: its width was seventy cubits and the width of the wall of the building was five cubits in a circle, and the length was ninety cubits

13And he measured the house, its length a hundred cubits, and the length of the separate partition of the building of the wall was a hundred cubits 14And the width next to the house and the eastern partition, a hundred cubits

15And he measured the length of the building that was before the separate partition, and in its place and its porches from here and from there, a hundred cubits, and the inner Temple and the porches of the gates of the courtyard 16And the door posts and the windows and the porches going around their three gates before the wood as it went around, and its length was as far as the windows 17And the windows were covered above the door of the inner house, and outside to all the walls in a circle. He measured from outside and from within 18And he made Cherubim and palm trees, and a palm tree between a Cherub and a Cherub, and two faces to each Cherub 19And the face of a son of man toward palm trees, from here and from there, was made for all the house in a circle 20From the ground and up to above the doors, the Cherubim and palm trees were made

21And the wall of the Temple was square, and the front of The Holy Place of the vision was like the appearance of an altar of wood 22Three cubits was its height, and its length, two cubits, and it had horns on it, and its length and its railings of wood. And he said to me: “This is the table that is in the presence of LORD JEHOVAH 23And two doors each for a folding door 24Two for one folding door and two for another folding door 25Cherubim and palm trees were made on the doors of the temple like those made in the walls and the face of the porch, overlaid with wood from the outside 26And narrow windows and palm trees were here and there on the sides of the porch, and the sides of the house were overlaid with boards

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