Ezekiel 5
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1But you, son of man, take for yourself a sword that is sharpened like the razor of a Barber, and make it pass upon your head and upon your beard, and take for yourself a scale so that it is weighed, and divide them into three parts 2And one of three parts burn in fire within the city, when the days of your siege have ended, and take a another part and cut by the sword around the city, and a third of the hair you shall scatter into the wind, and a sword shall destroy after them 3And you shall take from there a few in number and sew them on your hem 4And some of them again take and you will throw them within the fire, and you will burn them in fire, and from them a fire shall go forth to all of the house of Israel

5Thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: “This is Jerusalem. I have set her among the nations and all the cities around her 6And she exchanged my judgments for sin from the nations, and my commandments from the cities that are around her, because they have rejected my judgments and they have not walked in my commands 7Because of these things, thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: “Because you were numbered from the nations that are around you and you did not walk in my commands and you have not performed my judgments, and you practiced the judgments of the Gentiles that are around you 8Because of this, thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: “Behold, I am against you, and I shall make judgments within you before the eyes of all the nations 9And I shall do in you a thing that I have not done and a thing the like of which I shall not do again, because of all your abominations 10Because of this, parents shall eat their children within you, and children shall eat their parents, and I shall perform judgments among you, and I shall scatter those who are left within you to every wind 11Because of this, as I am living, says THE LORD OF LORDS, because you have defiled my holy place in all your abominations and in all your defilement, I also shall drive you out, and my eyes shall not have pity upon you, and I shall not show mercy

12One part of you will die by death and they shall be consumed with starvation within you, and the other by the sword shall fall around you, and a third I shall scatter to every wind and the sword shall slaughter after them

13And I shall fulfill my anger and I shall make my wrath rest on them, and I shall be comforted, and they shall know that I AM LORD JEHOVAH, I who have spoken in my zeal, whenever I have fulfilled among them my anger 14And I shall give you to the sword and to shame among the nations that are around you, before everyone who passes through 15And you shall be for reproach and for insult and for chastisement and for astonishment among the Gentiles who are around you, when I have done judgment among you in anger and in rage and in rebuke. I, LORD JEHOVAH, have spoken 16Whenever I have sent upon you my evil arrows of famine which are for destruction, which I shall send to destroy you, and I shall add famine to you, and I shall break the staff of your grain 17And I shall send upon you famine and harmful beasts, also I shall destroy you, and plagues and blood shall pass among you, and I shall bring a sword upon you. I, LORD JEHOVAH, have spoken

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Glenn David Bauscher
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