Genesis 40
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1And it was after these events, the Chief of Drink of the King of Egypt and the Chief Baker sinned against their Lord, the King of Egypt. 2And Pharaoh was angry against his two Eunuchs, against the Chief of Drink and against the Chief Baker. 3And he cast them into the prison in the house of the Chief of the Guard, in the place where Yoseph was bound. 4And the Chief of the Guard authorized Yoseph over them and he attended to them and they were some days in the house of prisoners. 5And they dreamed a dream, both men his dream in the night, each man according to the interpretation of his dream, the Butler and the Baker of the King of Egypt, who were imprisoned in the house of prisoners. 6And Yoseph went into them at dawn, and he saw them and behold, they were sad. 7And he asked the Eunuchs of Pharaoh who were with him in imprisonment in the house of his lord and said to them, “Why are your faces sad today?” 8And they said to him, “We dreamed a dream and there is no interpreter for it.” Yoseph said to them, “Behold, interpretations are of God; relate them to me.”

9And the Chief of Drink related his dream to Yoseph, and he said to him, “In my dream, behold, a vine was before me 10And in the vine were three branches, and when it made fruit, its leaves sprang up and its clusters ripened and there were grapes: 11And the cup of Pharaoh was in my hand and I took grapes and I squeezed them into the cup of Pharaoh and I gave the cup to the hand of Pharaoh.” 12Yoseph said to him, “This is the interpretation of your dream: three branches are three days: 13After three days Pharaoh will be reminded of you and will restore you to your position, and you shall give the cup to Pharaoh in his hand, according to the former custom when you were Cupbearer to him. 14But remember me being with you when it will be well with you, and do a favor and righteousness for me and remember me before Pharaoh and take me out of this prison 15Because truly I am stolen from the land of the Hebrews, also I have done nothing here that they should cast me into a pit.”

16And the Chief Baker saw that he interpreted well and said to Yoseph, “Also I am in my dream and behold, three baskets of white flour on my head: 17And in the upper basket was some of every food of Pharaoh, products of the Baker, and winged creatures ate them from the basket from the top of my head.” 18Yoseph answered and said to him, “This is the interpretation of your dream: three baskets are three days: 19After three days Pharaoh will take your head from you and he will hang you on a tree and a bird will eat your flesh from you.

20And it was on the third day, on the birthday of Pharaoh, Pharaoh made a feast for all his Servants and the Chief of Drinking was recalled and the Chief Baker among his Servants. 21And he raised up the Chief of Drinking unto his position and he gave the cup unto the hands of Pharaoh: 22And the Chief Baker he crucified, as Yoseph interpreted to them. 23And the Chief of Drinking did not remember Yoseph, and he forgot him.

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