Hebrews 8
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1But The Summit of all these things that we have: The High Priest who sits at the right hand of the throne of The Majesty in Heaven. 2And he is the Minister of The Holy Place and The True Tabernacle, which God set up, and not man. 3For every High Priest is appointed to offer gifts and sacrifices, and because of this it was right also for This One to have something to offer. 4And if he were on Earth, he would not be a Priest, because there have been Priests who have been offering gifts according to what is in The Law, 5Those who serve the form and the shadow of these things that are in Heaven, as it was said to Moses when he made The Tabernacle, “See and do everything by the image that appeared to you on the mountain.” 6Now Yeshua The Messiah has received the Ministry which is better than that, as The Covenant of which he is made The Mediator is better, and it is given with better promises than that.

7For if the first one had been without fault, then there would have been no place for this second one.

8For he found fault with them, and he said, “Behold, the days are coming, says THE LORD JEHOVAH, and I will perfect a New Covenant for the family of the house of Israel and for the family of the house of Judah.”

9“Not like that Covenant that I gave to their fathers in the day when I took their hands and brought them from the land of Egypt, because they did not continue in my Covenant; I also rejected them, says THE LORD JEHOVAH.”

10“But this is The Covenant that I shall give to the family of the house of Israel: After those days, says THE LORD JEHOVAH, I shall put my law in their minds and upon their hearts I shall write it, and I shall be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people.”

11“And a man will not teach a citizen of his city, neither his brother, and say, 'Know THE LORD JEHOVAH', because they shall all know me, from their little ones and unto their Elders.”

12“And I shall purge them of their evils, and I shall not remember their sins again.”

13In that he said, “New”, he has made the first old, and that which is outdated and old is near destruction.

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