Hosea 12
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1Aphreim feeds on the wind and pursues a hurricane all day; they have multiplied falsehood and spoil, and they have cut a covenant with the Assyrians, and they have brought oil to Egypt

2And LORD JEHOVAH has a judgment with Yehuda and will summon Yaqob according to his ways, and he shall pay him according to his devices

3For he deceived his brother in the womb and in his strength he was made great before God

4And he was a match for the power of an Angel and he begged of him in Bayth Eil; he found him and there he spoke with him

5And LORD JEHOVAH God of Hosts commemorated him

6But you, return to your God, and keep grace and judgment; expect your God constantly

7A scale of deceit is in the hand of Canaan; he loves to oppress

8And Aphreim said: ”I have become rich and I have found for myself sorrow, and all my labor is not enough to me for the sin that I have sinned”

9I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God who brought you out from the land of Egypt; I shall settle you again in tents like the days of the feasts

10And I have spoken with the Prophets and I have multiplied my visions and by the agency of the Prophets I have been been represented

11In Gelad there was pain and in Galgala you sacrificed bulls for futility, also your altars were like straw in a field of barren land

12And Yaqob fled to the land of Aram and Israel worked for the sake of a wife, and he kept watch for the sake of a wife

13And by the Prophets LORD JEHOVAH brought up Israel from Egypt and by the Prophets it was preserved

14Aphreim was angry and bitter and his blood shall be poured upon him and his Lord will return his shame to him

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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