Isaiah 15
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1The burden of Moab: in the night the city of Moab is plundered, and they are stupefied; in the night the walls of Moab are plundered, and they are shocked

2They came up to the house of Ribun on the high places to weep for Nabu and for Medeba; Moab howls and baldness is on all its heads and every beard is shaved

3In its streets they put on sackcloth, and upon the rooftops and in the market every man howls and comes down with weeping

4You shall howl, Kheshbon and Alala, and unto Yatsoth their voice shall be heard; because of this, the mighty men of Moab shall cry out, and one’s soul shall cry out to him

5And my heart shall howl in its spirit for Moab, as far as Tsaar, a three year old heifer, because while weeping, in the ascent of Lukhith, they will go up in it, and by the road of Khornim they shall make a bellowing of brokenness

6Because the waters of Nimrim shall be destitute, because the grass has dried up and the new grass has faded, and there was no green plant

7Because of this, the thing that was left has passed away, and they will remove their business for which they are responsible on the river

8Because wailing has gone around to the borders of Moab, and her howling was as far as Glam and her howling was as far as Bara d'Alim

9Because the waters of Ribun have been filled with blood, because I shall put more on Ribun and I shall meditate against those who are saved from Moab and against the rest of the land

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