Isaiah 16
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1I shall send the son of the Ruler of the land from the rock of the wilderness to the mountain of the house of Zion

2And he shall be as a bird that leaves its nest and the daughters of Moab shall be abandoned at the crossing of Arnon

3Bring counsel and do deep meditation. Set as the night your shadow in the midst of noon; hide the wanderers and you shall not reveal the scattered ones

4The outcasts of Moab shall dwell in you. Be to them a refuge from before the plunderer, because the dust is destroyed and the plunderer is ended and the trampler of the land is finished

5And he will establish the throne by grace and he shall sit upon it in truth, in the tabernacle of David, a Judge, and he who tracks down judgment and hastens righteousness

6We have heard the pride of Moab because he is very proud; thus his pride and his elevation and his enduring wrath his soothsayers did not show concerning him

7Because of this, Moab shall howl and all shall howl for Moab. You shall moan as the sick for the foundations of the wall that are destroyed

8Because the fields of Kheshbon are desolate; the mighty men of the Gentiles have cut the shoots of the vine of Sebma, and they have arrived at Yazar, and they wandered in the wilderness. Its shoots extended out and they crossed the sea

9Because of this, I shall make you weep with the weeping of Yezir, the vine of Sebma. I shall give you drink from your tears, Kheshbon and Alala, because upon your harvest and upon your vintage the trampler has fallen!

10And joy and dancing shall pass away from Karmela and they will not rejoice in Karmela, and they shall tread out no wine in the winepress and the trampler shall not trample, because I shall obliterate the tramplers

11Because of this, my belly shall speak over Moab like a harp, and my heart for the wall that is destroyed

12And when he sees that Moab was weary because of sacrifices, he will come to the holy place to pray and cannot

13This statement LORD JEHOVAH has spoken about Moab since then 14And now LORD JEHOVAH speaks and says: “In three years, as the years of a hired man, the honor of Moab shall be despised for the abundance of his people, and a very few shall be left and not great”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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