Isaiah 24
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1Behold LORD JEHOVAH destroys the Earth and breaks it and overturns its surface and scatters its inhabitants 2And the people will be as a Priest, and a Servant as his Master, and a Maid as her Mistress, the buyer as the seller, and the borrower as the lender, and as the creditor him who is indebted to him 3Earth shall certainly be destroyed and certainly shall be plundered, because LORD JEHOVAH has spoken this word 4Earth howled and sat in mourning! The world howled and sat and mourned! The High One of the Earth howled! 5And Earth is compared to its inhabitants, because they violated the Law and they changed the commandment and they destroyed the eternal covenant 6Because of these things, the Earth shall dwell in mourning, and all its inhabitants will be condemned; because of this, all the inhabitants of the Earth shall be laid waste, and few men shall be left

7The grain dwells in mourning and the vine howls, and all the happy of heart moaned

8Joy and the tambourine has ceased and the sound of dancing has stopped; joy and the harp has ceased!

9They shall not drink wine in partying. Liquor shall be bitter to one drinking it

10The city is plundered and every house with wine cellars is captured

11There is wailing for wine in the street! All joy has ceased and the dancing of Earth has passed away!

12And destruction remained in the city, and misery will cut off its gates!

13Thus it shall be within the Earth among the nations, as the shaking of olives and like gleaning when the vintage fails

14Those shall raise their voice and they shall glory in the magnificence of LORD JEHOVAH, and they shall whinny from the sea

15Because of this, praise LORD JEHOVAH in a song, and the name of LORD JEHOVAH God of Israel in the islands of the sea

16We have heard songs from the wings of The Earth: the army of the righteous ones who spoke a mystery to me. It is a mystery to me. Woe to me! The evil ones have done evil! The evil ones have done great evil!

17Fear and the pit and a snare upon you inhabitants of the Earth!

18And whoever will escape from the sound of fear shall fall into a ditch, and whoever will come up from within a pit will be taken captive in a snare, because floods were opened from the high place and the foundations of the Earth shook

19Shaking, the Earth shall be shaken, and moving, the Earth shall move, and staggering, the Earth shall stagger

20And staggering, the Earth shall stagger as a drunkard and shall shake like a hut, and its evil shall be severe upon it, and it shall fall and it shall not continue to exist

21In that day LORD JEHOVAH shall command concerning the armies of the high place in the high place, and concerning the Kings of the Earth in the Earth

22And they shall gather an assembly concerning the captive of the pit, and they shall think upon the prisoner, and after an abundance of days they shall be saved

23And the moon shall blush and the sun shall be ashamed, because LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts reigns in the mountain of Zion, and in Jerusalem, and he shall be praised before His Holy Ones

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Glenn David Bauscher
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Isaiah 23
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