Isaiah 41
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1Be silent, oh islands, and the peoples shall renew power. They shall come near and then they shall speak and they shall come near together for judgment

2Who has awakened Righteousness from the East and called him to his feet? The nations shall be handed over before him and Kings shall fall down. He shall give his destruction like dust and like an archer whose bow bursts forth

3He shall pursue them and he shall make peace and he shall not enter the road with his feet

4Who has prepared and has made? He who called the generations from the beginning. I AM THE LIVING GOD LORD JEHOVAH, The First and The Last, I AM THE LIVING GOD

5The islands saw and the ends of the Earth stood in awe. They stood in awe and they approached and they came

6And they help, each man, his neighbor, and to his brother he said, “Be strong!”

7And the Carpenter gave heart to the Goldsmith who strikes with a hammer and labors, and says to him who proves what is excellent, “There it is”, and they fasten it with nails that it will not be moved

8Now, Israel my Servant, Yaqob whom I have chosen, I have not rejected you, the seed of Abraham, my friend

9For I have empowered you from the ends of The Earth, and from the watchtowers I called you and I have said to you, “You are my Servant!” I have chosen you and I have not rejected you

10You shall not fear, because I am with you, and you shall not be terrified, because I AM your God. I have strengthened you, I have also helped you, I have also supported you with my righteous right hand

11Those who regard you as evil shall be ashamed and they shall be put to shame. They shall be as nothing, and the men who contend with you shall be destroyed

12You shall seek them and you shall not find the men who contend with you. The men who fight with you shall be as if they are not

13Because I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God, the Enforcer of your right hand. I have said to you: ‘You shall not fear. I AM your helper’, says LORD JEHOVAH

14You shall not fear, worm of Yaqob, and weevil of Israel. I AM your helper, says LORD JEHOVAH, and your Savior, The Holy One of Israel

15Behold, I have made you as a new thresher that breaks up and pounds. You shall thresh the mountains and you shall pulverize, and you shall make high places as the chaff

16You shall winnow them and the wind shall carry them, and a tornado shall scatter them, and you shall dance for joy in LORD JEHOVAH, and in the Holy One of Israel you will be glorified!

17The poor and the afflicted seek waters and there is nothing, and their tongue has dried up in thirst. I AM LORD JEHOVAH. I The God of Israel shall answer them, and I shall not forsake them

18I shall open rivers in the mountain, and within the valleys a fountain. I shall make the wilderness into pools of waters and the thirsty land into springs of waters

19I shall give cedars and acacia trees in the wilderness, and the myrtle and the tree of oil. I shall put glorious cypresses in the plain together

20For they shall see and they shall know and they shall consider, and they shall understand as one that the hand of LORD JEHOVAH has done this, and The Holy One of Israel has created it

21Bring near your legal case, says LORD JEHOVAH. Bring near your counsels, says The King of Yaqob

22Let them approach and let them show those things that are going to be; show us what the former things are, and we shall put it in our heart and we shall know the end of them, or cause us to hear what is coming

23Show us the signs that are going to occur and we shall know that you are gods. Also do good and do evil, and we will be informed and we will see together

24Behold, you are nothing, you and your works! From corruption and abomination you are chosen

25I have roused from the North him who will come from the dawning the sun, and he will cry out in my Name, and the Rulers shall come and they shall be trodden as clay that a potter treads

26Who will show from the beginning and we shall know, and we shall say that he is righteous? There is none who shows, neither one who announces, also none who hears your words

27These are the first fruits of Zion, and I shall give to Jerusalem an Evangelist

28I looked and there was no man who thought upon these things, that I would ask them and they would give me an answer

29Behold, they are all nothing and their works worthless, and their works are empty wind

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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