Isaiah 40
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1“Comfort her, comfort my people”, says your God

2Speak to the heart of Jerusalem and cry to her, because she was filled with power, and she delighted in sin, and she received from the hand of LORD JEHOVAH double of all her sins”

3The voice that cried out in the wilderness: “Return to the road for LORD JEHOVAH and straighten in the plain the street for our God

4All the valleys will be filled and all mountains and high places will be leveled, and the rugged place will be smooth, and the rough place a plain

5And the glory of LORD JEHOVAH shall be revealed, and everybody shall see it as one, because the mouth of LORD JEHOVAH has spoken

6The voice that said, ‘Cry out!’ also said: “What shall I cry out?” “Everybody is grass and all his beauty as a flower of the field

7Grass dries up and a flower fades, because the Spirit of LORD JEHOVAH blew on it; so is the grass of this people

8The grass dries up and the flower fades, and the word of God stands for eternities!”

9Go up on a high mountain for yourself, Oh Zion! Preaching good news, lift up your voice in power, oh Jerusalem! Preaching good news, lift up and you shall not fear! Say to the cities of Judea, ‘Behold your God!’”

10Behold, LORD JEHOVAH God comes in strength and his arm in power. Behold, his reward is with him and his work before him

11Like a Shepherd who shepherds his flock, and in his arm gathers the lambs, and holds them in his lap, and he feeds those that are nursing

12Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand and he measured Heaven with a hand’s breadth and measured the dust of the Earth in the palm of his hand, and weighed the mountains in a scale and the hills in a balance

13Who has directed the Spirit of LORD JEHOVAH or who was Lord of Counsel to him?

14By whom was he counseled, and he taught him and he explained to him the way of judgment, and he taught him knowledge and he showed him the way of intelligence?

15Behold, the nations shall be cast off like a drop from a pot and like the tipping of a balance, and the islands like the dust

16And Lebanon is not considered by him for burning and its animals are not considered by him for a burnt offering

17And all the nations are considered as nothing to him. They are considered by him for destruction and for the sword

18To whom have you compared God and to what likeness have you likened him?

19An image is what a carpenter made, and a goldsmith overlaid it in gold and refined silver

20He fastened it, he selected it; it is wood that does not rot, and a carpenter chose and in his wisdom he engraved it and he constructed the image so that it is not shaken

21Have you not heard and have you not known, and was it not told to you from the beginning, and have you not understood the foundations of The Earth?

22And him who sits on the sphere of The Earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers; who stretched out the Heavens like a vaulted bowl, and stretched them out as a tent for a dwelling

23Who made the Rulers nothing and the Judges of the Earth as if they are not

24They shall not plant and they shall not sow seed, and they shall not set a root in the earth; he shall blow on them and they shall dry up and a whirlwind shall pick up them like trash

25To whom have you compared me that I am equal to him, says The Holy One?

26Lift up your eyes on high and see who has created these things, who brings out their armies by number, and he calls all of them by names in the abundance of his honor and in the strength of his power. No man is lost. .”

27Why, Yaqob, are you speaking, and you, Israel, say, “My ways are hidden from LORD JEHOVAH, and my judgment passes away from my God?"

28Have you not known and have you not heard, that God to eternity is LORD JEHOVAH, who created the ends of The Earth? He is not weary and is not fatigued by labor, and there is no searching of his understanding!

29He gives power to the stricken and to those afflicted of disease he increases strength

30Young men shall be troubled and they shall be weary, and boys, stumbling, shall stumble

31And those who hope in LORD JEHOVAH shall renew their power, and they shall grow wings like a dove, and they shall run and they shall not be tired, and they shall walk and shall not be troubled!”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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