Jeremiah 42
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1And all the Generals of the armies and Yokhanan, son of Qorakh, and Yazaniah, son of Hoshiah, and all the people approached, from the little ones and unto the Elders 2And they said to Jeremiah: “We beg of you, pray for us before LORD JEHOVAH your God, because we few are left of many, as your eyes see us 3And LORD JEHOVAH your God shall show us the way in which we will go and the response that we will make” 4And Jeremiah the Prophet said to them: “I have heard; behold, I pray before LORD JEHOVAH your God according to your response, and every word that LORD JEHOVAH your God will answer you I shall show you, and I shall not hide the words from you” 5And they said to Jeremiah: “LORD JEHOVAH shall be a firm and faithful witness with us if we will not do according to the answer that LORD JEHOVAH your God will send you for us! 6If the voice of LORD JEHOVAH our God is good or if it is evil, we shall hear him to whom we send you, and it shall be well with us when we will hear the voice of LORD JEHOVAH our God!”

7And after ten days the answer of LORD JEHOVAH came to Jeremiah the Prophet 8And he called Yokhanan, son of Qorakh, and all the Leaders of the armies that were with him, and all the people from the little ones and unto the Elders 9And he said to them: “Thus says LORD JEHOVAH God of Israel, to whom you sent me to set your request before him 10‘If you will remain in this land, I shall build you up and I shall not destroy you, and I shall plant you and I shall not uproot you, and I shall cease from the evil that I have done to you 11And you shall not be afraid from before the King of Babel, for you are afraid of him. You shall not be afraid of him, says LORD JEHOVAH, because I am with you, says LORD JEHOVAH, to save you and to deliver you from his hands 12And I shall put mercy upon you, and I shall show you compassion, and I shall settle you in your land 13And if you say, ‘We will not dwell in this land!”, because you will not listen to the voice of LORD JEHOVAH your God 14And you have said, ‘Not so! We shall enter the land of Egypt that we will not see war and the sound of the trumpet we will not hear, and we will not hunger for bread, and there we will dwell!” 15Now hear the answer of LORD JEHOVAH, remnant of Judea, thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, God of Israel: ‘If you shall set your faces to enter Egypt and you will enter to dwell there 16This sword that you fear shall track you down there in the land of Egypt, and the famine that you fear will chase after you there to Egypt, and there you shall die 17And all the men who have set their faces to enter to Egypt to dwell there shall die by the sword and with starvation and with plague, and no survivor will be delivered from before the evil that I bring upon them

18Because thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, God of Israel: ‘As my anger and my passion has pressed heavily on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, in this way my wrath shall press heavily on you whenever you have entered to Egypt, and you shall be for cursing and for an astonishment and for a curse and for reproach, and you shall not see this place again’ 19LORD JEHOVAH has said about you, remnant of Judea, ‘Do not enter Egypt, and know that I have testified to you today 20For you have deceived your souls and you sent me to LORD JEHOVAH your God, and you said, ‘Pray for us in front of LORD JEHOVAH our God, and everything that LORD JEHOVAH our God says to you, show us, and we shall do it’ 21And I have shown you today, and you have not listened to the voice of LORD JEHOVAH your God, and concerning all that he has sent me to you, you have not done 22Now know that with sword and with starvation and with plague you shall die in the place which you want to enter, to dwell there

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