Joel 1
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1The word of LORD JEHOVAH that was on Joel, son of Bethuyl

2Hear this Elders, and obey, all inhabitants of the land; if it was like this in your days or in the days your fathers

3Relate about it with your children, and your sons with their children, and their children to the next generation

4Anything that is left of the palmer worm the flying locust has eaten, and anything that is left of the flying locust the crawling locust has eaten and anything that is left of the crawling locust the locust has eaten

5Wake up drunkards, and weep and wail all drinkers of wine, because of the wine, because it has passed from your mouth!

6Because a people went up to my strong land, and there are no numbers to its teeth, as the teeth of a lion, and its fangs as the fangs of a whelp of a lion

7It made my vine into a desolation and my fig tree into a ruin; it has torn it down and has cast it away and its branches are white

8Howl like a virgin who is clothed in sackcloth for the husband of her youth!

9Make a meal offering and a drink offering from the house of LORD JEHOVAH. Kings sit in mourning and the Priests who minister to LORD JEHOVAH

10The field is plundered and the land sat in mourning because the grain is pillaged and the wine has dried up and the olive trees are destroyed

11Be ashamed, farmers, and wail, vinedressers, for the wheat and for the barley, for the harvest of the field is gone

12The vine has withered and the fig tree is destroyed, and the pomegranates and palm trees and the apples and all trees of the field dried up, because joy is destroyed from the children of men

13Priests be clothed with sackcloth and mourn, and wail, Servants of the altar! Enter! Pass the night in sackcloth, Ministers of my God, because the fine flour offering and the drink offering is withheld from his house of your God

14Hallow a fast! Call the assembly! Have the Elders gathered and all the inhabitants of the land to the house of LORD JEHOVAH your God. Cry to LORD JEHOVAH your God and say:

15Alas! Alas! The day that is near, it is the day of LORD JEHOVAH, and from God plunder will come!

16Behold, before our eyes, the food has departed from the house of our God, and joy and dancing!

17And heifers were roasted at their stables; they have ravaged storehouses and destroyed the winepresses and dried up the grain

18Why do the cattle groan and the herds of oxen cry? For they have no pasture, also the flocks of sheep have come to an end

19To you LORD JEHOVAH I shall call, because fire has consumed the folds of the wilderness, and the flame has burned up all of the trees of the wilderness

20Also the beast of the wilderness bellows to you, because the brook of waters is dried up and fire has consumed the dwellings of the wilderness!

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