Joel 2
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1Sound the trumpet in Zion, and cry out in the mountain of my holiness! All of the inhabitants of the land will be moved, because the day of LORD JEHOVAH has arrived and it has come

2The day of darkness and of thick darkness a day of clouds and of dark fog like the dawn that is spread on the mountains, a people many and strong the likes of which has not been from eternity, and after it shall not be until the years of a generation of generations

3Before it the fire consumes and after it the flame burns the land before it like Paradise of Eden, and behind it is a desolate wilderness, and nothing shall escape from it

4Its appearance is like the appearance of horses and like horsemen thus they run

5Like the sound of chariots that clatter on the tops of the mountains and like the sound of the flames of fire that devours husks and like a mighty people arrayed for war

6Before him the people shall tremble and all faces shall be black like the soot of a pot

7Like mighty men they shall run and like warrior men they shall climb on the walls, each man on his path; they shall go and they shall not turn aside from their paths

8And a man shall not push his brother, each man in his path; they shall go, from the weight of their armor they shall fall and they shall not climb to the top

9They shall go up into the cities and they shall run upon the walls and they shall climb upon the houses; from the windows they shall enter like thieves

10The Earth was agitated before him and the Heavens shook; the sun and the moon were darkened and the light of the stars passed away

11And THE LORD JEHOVAH gave his voice before his army, because his host is very great, and mighty is the work of his word, because great is the day of LORD JEHOVAH and very awesome, and who is able to endure it?

12Therefore LORD JEHOVAH says, “Return to me from all your heart in fasting and in weeping and in mourning

13And rip your hearts, and not your robes, and be turned to LORD JEHOVAH your God because he is merciful and he is cherishing, and his Spirit is patient and his grace abundant, and he changes evil

14Who knows if he returns and has mercy on us and increases blessing in his place, and the meal offering and the drink offering to LORD JEHOVAH your God

15Sound the trumpet in Zion, hallow a fast, call the assembly

16Assemble the people, hallow the church, assemble the Elders and gather the young men and those nursing the breasts; the bridegroom shall come out from his bedroom and the bride from the house of her bridal chamber

17Between the porch and the altar the Priests the Ministers of LORD JEHOVAH shall weep and they shall say: ’have pity LORD JEHOVAH on your people and do not give your inheritance to disgrace and to the authority of the Gentiles, lest the Gentiles say, ’where is their God?’

18And LORD JEHOVAH is zealous for his land and has pity on his people”

19And LORD JEHOVAH answered and he said to his people: “Behold, I send you grain and wine and oil that you will be satisfied and I will not give you again to be the reproach of the Gentiles

20And I shall remove the northerner from you, and I shall drive him out to a thirsty and desolate land; his face toward the First Sea and his rear end toward the Last Sea, and his fragrance shall strike and his savor shall come up, because he has risen up to work

21You shall not fear, oh Earth, dance and rejoice, because LORD JEHOVAH has been raised up to work!

22You shall not fear animals of the wilderness because new grass has sprouted in the dwellings of the wilderness and the tree has yielded its fruit and the vine and the fig tree yielded their might

23Children of Zion, dance and rejoice in LORD JEHOVAH your God, who gave to you the food of righteousness, and descends to you spring rain and late rain, as from the first

24And the granaries will be filled with grain, and wine and oil will overflow the winepresses

25And I shall pay you the years that the flying locust ate, and the crawling locust and the canker worm and the palmer worm, my great army which I sent upon you

26And you shall eat and you shall be satisfied and you shall praise the name of LORD JEHOVAH your God who did wonders with you, and my people will not be ashamed for eternity

27And you who are within Israel shall know I AM THE LIVING GOD, I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God, and there is nothing more outside of me, and my people will not be ashamed for eternity

28And after this I shall pour out my Spirit on everybody, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy and your Elders shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions

29Also on Servants and upon Maid Servants I shall pour out my Spirit in those days

30And I shall perform wonders in Heaven and in the Earth, blood and fire and plumes of smoke

31The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great and awesome day of LORD JEHOVAH will come

32And everyone who will call the name of LORD JEHOVAH shall be delivered, because on the hill of Zion and in Jerusalem will be salvation, as LORD JEHOVAH said to save whomever LORD JEHOVAH calls

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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