Joshua 2
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1And Yeshua son of Nun sent from Sittim two men who were familiar with the land and he said to them: “Go look at the land of Yerikho”, and they went and they entered to a woman, a prostitute of the name of Rahab, and they lodged there. 2And it was told the King of Yerikho: “Behold men came here in the night from the sons of Israel to spy the land.” 3And the King of Yerikho sent to Rahab and said to her: ‘Send me the men who came into you in the night, because they have come to spy our land.’ 4And the woman brought both men and she hid them and she said: “Truly, men came to me and I did not know from where they are. 5And when it was time when the gate is shut in the evening, they went out by themselves and I do not know where they went. Go out quickly after them because you will overtake them.” 6And she brought them up to the roof and she hid them between stalks of flax that were laid on the roof. 7And the men went out after them on the road of the Jordan that is by the crossing, and they shut the gates after those pursuing the spies had gone out.

8And they still had not fallen asleep, and she went up to them on the roof 9And she said to the men: “I know that LORD JEHOVAH has delivered the land to you and the fear of you has fallen upon us, also all of the inhabitants of the land are afraid before you 10Because we have heard that LORD JEHOVAH dried up the waters of the Sea of Reeds from before you when you went out from Egypt, and what you did to the two Kings of the Amorites, Sihon and Og, whom you destroyed 11And when we heard, our hearts trembled, and there was no spirit left in any of us before you, because LORD JEHOVAH your God, he is God in Heaven from above and in the Earth from beneath 12Therefore swear to me by LORD JEHOVAH, because I have performed kindness among you, and perform also kindness with me and in the house of my father, and give me a sign of truth 13Save me and my father and my mother and my brother and my sister and all that is ours, and save our lives from death!" 14And the men said to her: “We give our lives for you unto death, unless you show this matter, and whenever LORD JEHOVAH gives us this land, we will demonstrate with you kindness and truth!”

15And she let them down by a cord from a window, because her house was in a party wall of the wall, and she was dwelling upon the wall 16And she said to them: “Immediately go to the mountain, lest those who have gone out after you will meet you, and hide there three days until they return, and then you shall go on your way” 17And the men said to her: “We are pure in this oath which you have made us swear 18Behold, we are entering the land, but tie a cord of scarlet in the window by which you let us down, and your father and your mother and your brothers and all the household of your father bring in with you inside the house 19And everyone whosoever goes outside of the door of your house, his blood is on his head, and we are saved from his vengeance, and everyone whoever will be with you within the house, his blood is on our head and we are condemned for his vengeance if a man will harm him 20And if you will tell this matter, we are pure from the oath which you have made us swear” 21And she said to them: “According to your statement, thus it shall be.” And she sent them and they went and she tied a cord of scarlet in the window”

22And they went to the mountain and they stayed there three days until those who had gone after them returned, and those who had gone after them searched for them on every road, and when they did not find them, they themselves returned 23And those two spies went down from the mountain and they crossed over and they went to Yeshua son of Nun, and they told him everything that happened to them, and they said to Yeshua: “LORD JEHOVAH has delivered into our hands all of the land, also all of the inhabitants of the land are afraid of us”

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