Joshua 5
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1And when all the Kings of the Amorites and all Kings of Canaan who are at the side of the Sea heard that at the crossing of Jordan in the west LORD JEHOVAH dried up the waters of Jordan from before the children of Israel until they crossed over, their heart shook and no soul was left in them from before the children of Israel

2At that time LORD JEHOVAH said to Yeshua: “Make for yourself a blade of flint and return, circumcise the children of Israel a second time” 3And Yeshua made for himself a blade of flint and he circumcised the children of Israel again in The Hill of the Uncircumcised 4And these are those whom Yeshua circumcised: every child of the people who had gone out from Egypt, the males, because all of the men workers of war had died in the wilderness in the way when they went out from Egypt 5Because all the people who had gone out had been circumcised and all the people who were born in the wilderness of the road when they went out from Egypt were not circumcised 6Because for forty years the children of Israel walked in the wilderness until all the people of men workers of war who had gone out from Egypt came to an end, because they did not listen to the voice of LORD JEHOVAH their God, and LORD JEHOVAH swore to them that he would not show them the land which he swore to their fathers to give them the land that flows milk and honey 7And their children who came after them, Yeshua circumcised them, because they were uncircumcised and they were not circumcised

8And when all the people were done being circumcised, they dwelt in their places in the camp until they were healed 9And LORD JEHOVAH said to Yeshua: “Today I have put away the reproach of the Egyptians from you”, and the name of that country is called Galgala until today

10And the children of Israel camped in Galgala and they performed the Passover on the fourteenth of the first month in the evening, in the plain of Yerikho 11And they ate from the grain of the land after the Passover; they ate unleavened bread and parched corn on this day 12And the manna was taken away after the day when they ate of the grain of the land, and there was no more manna for the children of Israel, and they ate of the harvests of the land of Canaan in that year

13And when Yeshua was in the plain of Yerikho, he lifted his eyes and he saw one man standing next to him, and his sword was drawn and held in his hand, and Yeshua went to him and he said to him: “Are you from us or from our enemies?” 14He said to him: “I am Commander of the armies of LORD JEHOVAH, and now I have come.” And Yeshua fell on his face on the ground and he worshiped and he said: “What says my Lord to his Servant?” 15And The Commander of the armies of LORD JEHOVAH said to Yeshua: “Loosen your shoes from your feet, because the place in which you are standing is holy.” And Yeshua did so.

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