Judges 12
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1And the men of Aphreim cried out and they crossed to the north and they said to Naphthakh: “Why did you cross over to fight with the sons of Amon and you did not call us to go with you? We are burning your house over you in fire! 2And Naphthakh said to them: “Men, I have had contention, I and my people, with the children of Amon, and I called for you and you did not deliver me from their hands 3And when I saw there was none who saved me, I put my life into my hand and I crossed over to the sons of Amon, and LORD JEHOVAH delivered them into my hands, and now why have you come up against me today that you would fight with me?” 4And Naphthakh gathered all the men of Gelad and they fought with Aphreim, and the men of Gelad struck the men of Aphreim because they said: “The Aphreimites are of the house of Aphreim and Manasheh" 5And the Geladites seized the fords of the Jordan of Aphreim, and when those who were escaping from Aphreim were passing through at the crossing to cross over, the men of Gelad were asking, “Are you an Aphreimite?”, and he said, “No” 6They were saying to him: “Say ‘shebla’”; he said “Sebla” because he was not able to speak in this way, and they took him and they killed him at the crossing of Jordan, and there fell at that time forty and two thousand from Aphreim

7And Naphthakh judged Israel six years, and Naphthakh the Geladite died, and he was buried in the city of Gelad

8And after him Abitsan judged Israel, who was from Bayth Lekhem 9And he had thirty sons and thirty daughters, and his thirty daughters he brought out to the outside, and thirty brides he took in from the outside, and he judged Israel seven years 10And Abitsan died and he was buried in Bayth Lekhem

11And after him, Alun, who was from Zabalaun, judged Israel ten years 12And Alun, who was from Zebulun, died, and he was buried in Ailun in the land of Zebulun

13And after him, Akran son of Helyan, the Aphrathunite, judged Israel 14And he had forty sons, and thirty grandsons, and they were riders on seventy colts, and he judged Israel eight years 15And Akran, son of Helyan the Aphrathunite, died, and he was buried in Aphrathun, in the land of Aphreim, in the Mountain of the Amaleqites

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