Judges 11
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1And Naphthakh the Geladite was a mighty man of power, and he was the son of a woman who was a whore, and Gelad begot Naphthakh 2And Gelad’s wife bore to him sons, and the sons of the woman grew up and they expelled Naphthakh, and they were saying: “He will not inherit the house of our father, because he is the son of another woman” 3And Naphthakh fled from before his brothers and dwelt in a good land, and worthless men were gathered to Naphthakh, and they went out with him

4And it was after some days, the sons of Amon fought with the sons of Israel 5And when the sons of Amon fought with the sons of Israel, the Elders of Gelad went to the wilderness to Naphthakh from the good land 6And they said to Naphthakh: “Come be a Ruler to us and we shall fight with the sons of Amon!” 7And Naphthakh said to the Elders of Gelad: “Have you not hated me and you have expelled me from the house of my father, and why have you come to me now when I have disgusted you?” 8And The Elders of Gelad said to Naphthakh: “Because of this, now, behold, we are coming to you. Go with us and we shall fight with the sons of Amon, and be Ruler to all the dwellers of Gelad” 9And Naphthakh said to the Elders of Gelad: “If you return to me that I will fight with the sons of Amon, and LORD JEHOVAH delivers them before me, I shall be Ruler to you?” 10And The Elders of Gelad said to him: “LORD JEHOVAH shall be the hearer between us if we will not do thus, according to your word!” 11And Naphthakh went with the Elders of Gelad, and they presented him as Prince and Ruler over them, and Naphthakh spoke all his words before LORD JEHOVAH in Mezpaya

12And Naphthakh sent Messengers to the King of the children of Amon, saying to him: “What business do you have with me that you come to fight in my land?” 13And the King of the children of Amon said to the Messengers of Naphthakh: “Because the sons of Israel took my lands when they were going up from the land of Egypt from Arnon and unto Abaq, and unto the Jordan. Now return them to me in peace” 14And Naphthakh returned again and he sent a letter and Messengers to the King of the children of Amon 15And he said to him: “Thus says Naphthakh, ‘Israel has not taken the land of Moab and the land of the children of Amon 16Because when they were going up from Egypt the children of Israel were walking in the wilderness unto the Sea of Reeds and they arrived at Raqem 17And Israel sent Messengers to the King of Adum to say to him, “Let us pass into your land”, and the King of Adum did not listen, also Israel sent to the King of Moab, and he was not persuaded by him, and Israel dwelt in Raqem 18And he walked in the wilderness and he traveled the land of Adum and the land of Moab and they camped at the crossing of Arnon, and they did not enter the borders of Moab, because Arnon was the border of Moab 19And Israel sent Messengers to Sihon, King of the Amorites, and the King of Kheshbon, and Israel said to him: “Let us pass into your land to my land” 20And Sihon did not trust Israel to pass by on his border, and Sihon gathered all his people and they camped in Yahats and fought with Israel 21And LORD JEHOVAH our God delivered Sihon and all his people into the hand of Israel and Israel destroyed the land of the Amorites 22And it possessed all their borders from Arnon and unto Abaq, and from the wilderness and unto the Jordan 23And behold, LORD JEHOVAH God destroyed the Amorites from before his people Israel, and are you inheriting them? 24Do you not inherit whatever Kemosh your god causes you to inherit, and anything that LORD JEHOVAH our God destroys from before us, we inherit? 25Now, are you much better than Balaq son of Tsephor King of Moab? Did he contend with Israel or fight with them? 26When Israel dwelt in Kheshbon and in its villages and in Aduir and in its villages and among all the towns that are upon the side of Arnon three hundred years, why did you not lay hold of them in that time? 27But now I have not sinned against you and you have done evil against me to fight with me. LORD JEHOVAH will today judge judgment between the children of Israel and the house of the children of Amon” 28And the King of the children of Amon did not listen to the words of Naphthakh that he sent to him

29And The Spirit of LORD JEHOVAH was on Naphthakh, and he passed through Gelad and Menasheh and he passed through to Metspaya of Gelad, and from Metspaya of Gelad he passed through to the children of Amon 30And Naphthakh vowed a vow to LORD JEHOVAH and said: “If you will fully hand over the sons of Amon into my hands 31Whatever proceeds from the door of my house to meet me when I have come in peace from the sons of Amon shall be for LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall offer it up for a burnt offering!” 32And Naphthakh passed through to the sons of Amon to fight with them and LORD JEHOVAH delivered them into his hand 33And he struck them from Aduir and unto the entrance of Makir twenty cities, and unto Abal Karmin, a very great slaughter, and the sons of Amon were defeated before the sons of Israel

34And Naphthakh came to Metspaya to his house, and behold, his daughter came out to meet him with tambourines and with timbrels, and she was his only child, and he never had a son or a daughter apart from her 35And when he saw her, he ripped his clothes and said: “Oh, my daughter! You have destroyed me and you are today what has destroyed me! Behold, I opened my mouth to God and I cannot go back!” 36And his daughter said to him: “My father, you opened your mouth to God. Do to me according to whatever proceeded from your mouth, after LORD JEHOVAH performed for you the vengeance of your enemies, the sons of Amon!” 37And she said to her father: “Only do this for me. Let me alone two months and I shall go, I shall walk on the mountains and I shall weep for my virginity, I and my friends” 38And he said to her: “Go.” And he sent her two months and she went, she and her friends, and she wept about her virginity on the mountains 39And after two months she came to her father, and he did to her according to the vow that he vowed, and she had not known a man sexually, and there was a pledge for her among the children of Israel 40And from time to time the daughters of Israel were going on and they wept and they howled for the daughter of Naphthakh the Geladite four days in a year

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