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1And these are nations that LORD JEHOVAH left behind to tempt Israel by them, all who had not known all the wars of the Canaanites 2Only so that the generations of the children of Israel may learn war, only those of former time had not known 3Five Tyrants of the Philistines and all the Canaanites and the Tsidonians and the Khivites, dwellers of the Mountain of Lebanon, and from Mountain of the children of Hermon and unto the entrance of Khamath 4They were to tempt Israel by them to know if they listen to the commandments of LORD JEHOVAH that he had commanded their fathers by the hand of Moshe 5And the children of Israel dwelt among the Canaanites and the Khivites and the Amorites and the Perizzites and the Hittites and the Yebusites 6And they took wives for themselves from their daughters, and their daughters they gave to their sons

7And they served their gods and the sons of Israel did evil before LORD JEHOVAH, and they forgot LORD JEHOVAH their God and they served Baal and Astharatha 8And LORD JEHOVAH was provoked against Israel and he delivered them into the hand of Cushan, the Evil King of Aram Nahrayn, and the children of Israel worked for Cushan the Evil One for eight years

9And the children of Israel called to LORD JEHOVAH, and LORD JEHOVAH raised up a Savior for the children of Israel, and Athneil, son of Qanaz, the brother of Kalab who was younger than he, delivered them 10And the hand of LORD JEHOVAH was upon him and he judged Israel and he went out for battle, and LORD JEHOVAH delivered into his hands Cushan the Evil King of Aram Nahrayn, and he strengthened his hand against Cushan the Evil One 11And the land came to rest forty years, and Athneil, son of Qanaz, died

12And the children of Israel continued to do evil before LORD JEHOVAH, and LORD JEHOVAH strengthened Eglun, King of Moab, against Israel, because they had done evil before LORD JEHOVAH 13And he gathered against them the children of Amon and Amaliq, and they went and they struck Israel and they possessed the City of Palm Trees 14And the children of Israel served Eglun the King of Moab eighteen years

15And the children of Israel called LORD JEHOVAH, and LORD JEHOVAH raised up for them a Savior, Ahor, son of Gara, from the tribe of Benyamin, a man whose right hand was crippled, and the children of Israel sent a gift by his hand to Eglun, King of Moab 16And Ahor made for himself a blade of two edges; he made its length short and bound it within his clothing on his right thigh 17And he brought a gift to Eglun, King of Moab, and King Agulan was a very simple man 18And when he had finished offering the gift, he sent away the people bearing the gift 19And he returned from the sculptures that were upon the side of Galgala and said to him: “I have a secret that I will say to you, oh King, between me and you”, and the King said: “Go out from there”, and all who were standing with him departed 20And Ehor came to him, and he was sitting in an upper room alone that was built for him, and Ehor said to him: “I have the word of God that he speaks to you”, and Eglun stood up from his throne 21And Ehor reached his left hand and he took the sword from his right thigh and struck it into his belly 22And his upper belly came after his wound and the fat stopped the wound, because he did not pull the sword from his belly, and he went out quickly 23And Ehor went out to the balcony and he locked the door of the upper room at its entrance, and he went out

24And he went out, and his Servants entered and saw the doors of the upper room were shut and they were saying, “Doubtless, he went out to the urinal in the closet of the upper room” 25And they waited long, and seeing he did not open the door of the upper room, also they took the keys and they opened and they saw their Lord fallen on the ground, and he was dead

26And while they were troubled, Ehor passed the sculptures and he escaped and he ran to Shirath 27And when he came, he sounded on the trumpet in the mountain of Aphreim, and the sons of Israel went down with him from the mountain and he was in front of them 28And he said to them: “Come after me, for LORD JEHOVAH has delivered your enemies the Moabites into your hands!” And they went down after him and they seized the crossing of the Jordan of Moab, and they did not let a man cross over 29And they killed of the Moabites at that time about ten thousand men, everyone who was rich and every mighty man, and no man escaped 30And the Moabites were defeated at that time under the hand of Israel, and the land was quiet eighty years

31And after him was Shamgar, son of Anath, and he killed six hundred men of the Philistines with the goad of an ox, and he also saved Israel

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