Micah 2
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1Woe to those that are plotting fraud and they do evil on their bed, and they arise at dawn and they do the thing that they have conceived, and they lift up their hands to God!

2And they lust for fields and houses and they take them by force, and they oppress a man in his property and in his inheritance

3Because of these things, thus says LORD JEHOVAH God: ”Behold, I devise evil against this generation, that you will not lift up your necks from it, and you shall not walk in erect stature because the time is evil

4In that day we will take up a parable concerning you and with a song we shall lament a lamentation, and we shall say: ’a robber will plunder us and he will divide the division of my people with a measuring line, and there is none who restores our fields with a measuring line

5Because of this you shall not have one who measures with a measuring line and divides by lots in the assembly of LORD JEHOVAH

6You shall not weep tears neither shall you weep for these things, that reproach will not overtake you

7For it is said against the house of Yaqob: ”The Spirit of LORD JEHOVAH is angry in these his strategies! Behold, my words are good with the upright whom they despise

8And yesterday my people was standing like a thief against his peace; his negligence you shall declare foolish, for you shall remove his hope and you shall bring war

9The women of my people you shall drive out from the house of their pleasures, and from their children you shall take the glory for eternity

10Arise, go, because this was not the rest, for defilement shall labor to give birth to destruction, and her destruction will be severe

11A man who walks in the spirit of falsehood and falsely distills wine for you and drunkenness also shall be of the downfall of this people

12I shall gather you all of you to gather, Yaqob, and I shall bring you to bring the remnant of Israel together, and I shall make him as sheep in a siege, and like a flock within its fold which is protected from man

13The Pathmaker went up before them; he breached a breach and they crossed and they went out in it and their King passed by before them, and LORD JEHOVAH at the head of them

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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