Proverbs 30
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1The words of Agur, son of Yaqay, who received the prophecy and was visited by power and he said to Ithliel:

2Because my thoughts are deficient and I do not have the understanding of the children of men,

3And I have not known wisdom neither have I learned the knowledge of The Holy Ones,

4He said to me: "Who went up to Heaven and came down, and who is holding the wind in his palms? Who has bound the waters in a napkin and who has established all the ends of the Earth? What is his Name, and what is his Son's Name, if you know?"

5All the words of God are chosen and he helps those that trust upon him.

6Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you, and you be proven a liar.

7I have requested two things of you; do not deny me them before I die.

8Take emptiness and lying speech far from me, and do not give me poverty or wealth. Give me a living sufficient for me.

9Lest I be full and I lie and say, "Who is LORD JEHOVAH?”, or lest I become poor and I steal and swear in the name of my God.

10Do not hand over a Servant to his Master, lest he curse you and you be condemned

11To a generation that its fathers will revile and its mother will not bless;

12A generation that is pure in its own eyes and is not washed from its own filthiness;

13A generation: how haughty are its eyes and its eyelids raised!

14A generation whose swords are its teeth, and daggers its molars, to consume the poor of earth and the afflicted of men.

15Three leeches have three beloved daughters that are not full, and a fourth does not say, "It is enough":

16Sheol and her barren womb, the ground that is not filled with water, and fire does not say, "It is enough.”

17Ravens of the valley will tear out the eye that laughs at its father and despises the old age of its mother, and the young Eagles will eat it.

18Three things are hidden from me, and a fourth I have not known exists:

19The way of an eagle in the sky, the way of the snake upon a rock, the way of the ship in the heart of the sea and the way of a man in his youth.

20So is the way of an adulterous woman; she eats and she wipes her mouth and she says, "I have done nothing.”

21The Earth quakes under three things, and under four, it cannot endure:

22Under a Servant when he will reign, and under a fool when he is filled with bread,

23And under a hateful woman that is married to a man, and under a Maidservant that dismisses her mistress.

24Four things are small in the Earth, and they are wiser than the wise:

25Ants that have no power in them and from the harvest they prepare their bread,

26And the rabbits that are lacking in power and make themselves houses in the rocks,

27And locusts that have no King over them and they all assemble together,

28And the lizard that clings with its hands and dwells in Kings' houses.

29There are three that are right in their walking and the fourth is beautiful walking:

30The whelp of a lion is champion of all beasts, neither is he afraid nor does he turn from any beast,

31And a rooster that struts among hens, and the hegoat that goes at the head of the flock, and the King that speaks among the peoples.

32Do not covet, lest you be despised, and do not stretch your hand to your mouth in depravity.

33From the fat of the milk butter comes forth, but if you squeeze your hand upon wheat, blood will come forth, so from contention among people judgment goes forth.

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