Psalm 59
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Save me from my enemies, oh, God, and from those who stand against me, lift me up.

2Save me from workers of lies and save me from men who shed blood.

3Because they lay in wait for my soul and their evils prevailed against me, not by my crimes, and not by my sins, my Lord.

4That it is not by my foolishness they have run against me and were prepared against me, awake and see!

5You are LORD JEHOVAH, God of hosts, God of Israel; awake and order all the nations and do not forgive any evil ones!

6They shall be turned back in the evening and they will growl like dogs and will surround the city.

7The speech of their mouths is a sword in their lips and they say, "Who hears?"

8And you, LORD JEHOVAH, laugh at them, and mock at all the nations.

9God, I shall praise you, because you are the place of my refuge, oh, God!

10God, your kindness will go before me; God will avenge me of my enemies.

11Do not kill them, lest my people forget, but shake them by your power and chase them LORD JEHOVAH, my trust.

12The sin of their mouths speaks; their lips rejoice in their boasting because they tell a curse and lies.

13Destroy them in your wrath; destroy them and they will not be found, that they may know that God is the Ruler over Jacob and over the ends of the Earth.

14They shall be turned back in the evening and they will growl like dogs and will surround the city.

15They will beg to eat and will not be satisfied and they will not spend the night.

16And I shall praise your power and I shall praise your kindness at dawn, because you have been a place of refuge to me and a Savior in the day of affliction!

17Oh God, I shall sing to you, because you are the God of the house of my refuge, and the God of my grace!

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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