Ruth 2
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1And Namei had one relative, a well known man from the family of Alimalek her husband, a man well known, and his name Baaz 2And Ruth the Moabitess said to Namei, her mother in law: “I shall go to the field and I shall gather the gleaning after the laborers of him in whose eyes I shall find favor.” And her mother in law said to her: “Go, my daughter” 3And Ruth went to collect the gleaning after the reapers, and she came into a section of the field of Baaz, son of the family of Alimalek 4And behold, Baaz came from Bayth Lekhem and said to the reapers: “Peace with you!” They said to him: “LORD JEHOVAH bless you!” 5And Boaz said to the boy who was standing by the laborers: “What is the story of this girl?” 6And the boy answered and said to him: “The woman is a Moabitess. She has come with Namei from the land of Moab 7And she said, ‘I will glean the gathering after the Reapers’, and she has gleaned from dawn until resting time”

8And Baaz said to Ruth: “My daughter, have you not heard the proverb, ‘In a field that is not yours you shall not glean,’ because of this, stay and be here with my girls 9And look where they reap and go after them. Behold, I have commanded the boys that no person will harm you, and if you are thirsty, go and drink from the water the boys are filling up” 10And she fell on her face on the ground and she bowed to him and she said: “Why have I found favors in your eyes, to recognize me that I am a foreigner? 11Baaz said to her: “Certainly it was told me what you have done with your mother in law after your husband died, that you have left your father and your mother and your family and you have come to a people that you had not known from yesterday and from the day before yesterday 12LORD JEHOVAH The God of Israel shall reward you, and he shall give your wages, he under whose wings you have come to take refuge” 13And she said to him: “Because I have found favors in your eyes, my Lord, and you have comforted me, and you have filled up the heart of your Maid Servant, also I shall be as one of your Maid Servants!”

14And Baaz said to her at the time of the 3 P.M. meal: “Come near and eat bread with me.” And he set her at the side of the Reapers, and he gave her barley meal and bread dipped in milk, and he put morsels of new corn and he gave them to her, and she ate and she was satisfied and she had leftovers 15And she arose to glean, and Boaz commanded his Servants, and he said: “You shall glean from among the sheaves and do her no harm!” 16And they let her gather from among the sheaves and they did her no harm

17And she was gathering in the field until evening, and she beat them out and she found about a full measure of barley among them 18And she took them and she entered the city and she showed her mother in law the gathering that she gathered, and she gave to her from what she had eaten and she had leftovers 19And her mother in law said to her: “Where have you been gathering today? And the place you have been shall be blessed, and he in whose eyes you have found favor.” And she revealed to her mother in law where she had been, and she said to her: “Baaz is the name of the man in whose field I have been gleaning today” 20And Namei said to her daughter in law: “Blessed is LORD JEHOVAH who not removed his mercy from the living and from the dead!” And Namei said to her, “The man is near us and he is one of the Avengers!” 21And Ruth said to her mother in law: “And he said to me again, ‘Cleave to my Servants until all the harvest will end’" 22And Namei said to Ruth her daughter in law: “Your blessing my daughter is that you joined his Maid Servants and no man has harmed you in a field which you did not know!” 23But she joined the Maids of Baaz to glean until the harvest of barley and of wheat would end

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