Ruth 3
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1And Ruth dwelt with her mother in law and Namei said to her: “My daughter, shall I not seek rest for you and shall it be well for you? 2And behold Baaz our Kinsman is he with whose Maidens you are, and behold, on this night he heaps up the granary of barley 3Bathe therefore and anoint and adorn yourself in your garments, and go down to the threshing floor, and do not appear to him until he eats and drinks 4And it will be, whenever he lies down, you shall put your heart in the place where he lies down, and you shall approach and you shall lie down at his feet, and he will tell you whatever you shall do” 5And she said to her: “Everything whatever you have said to me I shall do”

6And she went down to the threshing floor and she did everything that her mother in law had instructed her 7And when Baaz had eaten and had drunk and his heart was cheerful, he came and he lay down at the side of the granary, and when he was lying in the snoring of sleep on the threshing floor, she came into a secret place and she exposed the side of his cloak and she fell at his feet

8And it happened in the middle of the night, the man started from his sleep and was alarmed, because he saw a woman who was sleeping at his feet 9And he said to her: “Who are you?”, and she said to him: “I am Ruth your Maid Servant, but cover your Maid Servant with the skirt of your cloak, because you are a Redeemer of Inheritance” 10And Baaz said to her: “Blessed are you to God, my daughter, because you are kind. Your last kindness is better than the first, for you have not gone after young men who are rich or who are poor 11And now, my daughter, do not fear, because all that you say to me I shall do for you, for all the tribe of our people know that you are a woman of power 12And now, in truth, I am a redeemer of inheritance, however, there is another who redeems inheritance, for he is nearer than I 13And now, stay today and stay the night until dawn, and it will be at dawn, if he redeems you, good, he shall redeem, and if he does not desire to redeem you, LORD JEHOVAH is living, if he will not redeem you, I shall redeem you.” And he said to her, “Lie down until dawn”

14And she lay at his feet until when it had dawned, and she arose at dawn when it was dark while no man would know his neighbor, and she said to him: “Let no man know that I came down to you to the threshing floor” 15Baaz said to her: “Spread your mantle”, and she spread it and he measured and he put for her six measures of barley, and he put it on her and she took it and she came to the city 16And she went into her mother in law; her mother in law said to her: “Who are you, my daughter?” She said to her, “I am Ruth.” And she told her everything that Baaz did for her 17And that he gave her six measures of barley and that he said to her, “You shall not enter to your mother in law with nothing” 18Her mother in law said to her: “Stay my daughter until you will see, for the man will not rest until he brings himself justice today”

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